A successful service workshop depends on how the staff can manage multiple jobs and processes required, to perform the work needed on a customer’s vehicle, whilst delivering it at the agreed time and price. To execute this successfully, it is critical your service center is equipped with proven data-driven systems and customer-centric applications that directly improve customer retention and increase revenue.

Our digital solutions for the service center category work across the core stages from booking to the retargeting of a customer.

Leading software with an easy to use Management System

Our Dealer management system is built by the leading developer and supplier of cloud-based software solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers worldwide. The platform is built with familiarity for the user, using Microsoft technology, making it easy to use and eliminates extended training.

Addressing all requirements for the busiest of service departments, Our DMS gives visibility of technician and job status in a way that makes the control and monitoring of a workshop simple. Integration with manufacturers’ service menus brings labour, parts and sundry requirements into a point-and-click interface, giving accurate costs at the time of booking.

Drive Efficiency and Profitability

The autoVHC electronic vehicle health check system helps service workshops improve efficiency and profitability. The technology is the Leading EVHC Provider and part of Snap-on Business Solutions, Snap-on Incorporated is a $3.7 billion, S&P 500 Company. 


The platform is multi-lingual, allowing manufacturers to establish a standardised VHC process across their networks, delivering consistency of customer experience in keeping with their preferred brand values.


The state-of-the-art mobile walk-around vehicle inspection feature can adapt to retailers of all sizes and any processes already in place. The system helps service workshops improve efficiency and identify additional repair issues, generating a complete vehicle inspection report which can be sent to the customer in an easy to understand format resulting in additional workshop sales.

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Planning and Scheduling the Intelligent way

Our intelligent workshop planning system covers the entire process of planning and scheduling. It is an intelligent, self-learning planning solution for automotive workshops and body shops. Based on smart algorithms that make it possible to automatically plan and re-plan work orders in the most efficient way, while taking into account customer preferences and special requirements.


Wasted time will be reduced by the technicians no longer having to a timeclock or go to the service reception department. Using the service tablet PC and solutions, such as digital job card, technician time clocking and job control, it eliminates wasted time.

Business Insights in the one Place

Managing your customer's experience in the Automotive sector is uniquely complex, which makes intelligent technology vital. Our Automotive business intelligent tool provides a simplified stream of Aftersales Business Intelligence and insight all in one place.


The ABI tool offers the opportunity to report on custom-defined KPI’s in a common dashboard format, across multiple markets yet with the flexibility to adapt as the priorities and needs of your business change. 


Using this data, transaction history to gain information on what your customers respond to, you can then to create targeted marketing campaigns to boost conversion with an open rate of email communication.

Build trust with the customer. Make complex descriptions easy to explain and understand.

With over 450 interactive or narrated animations showing each vehicle part and system, the animations make complex descriptions easy to explain and understand, breaking down the technical language barrier that prevents customers from understanding the reason for essential servicing and repairs. 


Our animations help to build trust with the customer who is able to easily see for themselves what is being explained.


Use Video to interact directly with your customers in real time.

Using Video is one of the most effective ways to interact with customer. With the use of our intelligent video solution, service staff can highlight essential vehicle repairs to the customer. Repair items are marked as red or amber and can be authorized immediately by the customer.


The platform can be used via email, SMS or WhatsApp. Allowing you to engage your customers, showcase your business, promotions and build relationships regardless of the time or location