Technology to digitalise your service center and create a paperless environment.

Features and Benefits

autoVHC helps repairers to efficiently inspect, identify, communicate and sell additional work required during every workshop visit. autoVHC is a leading provider of automotive solutions aftersales technology. Since 2007 autoVHC electronic vehicle health check (eVHC) software has helped dealerships worldwide generate more than £750 million of service business.

The platform is multi-lingual, allowing manufacturers to establish a standardised VHC process across their networks, delivering consistency of customer experience in keeping with their preferred brand values.


The state-of-the-art mobile walk-around vehicle inspection feature can adapt to retailers of all sizes and any processes already in place. The system helps service workshops improve efficiency and identify additional repair issues, generating a complete vehicle inspection report which can be sent to the customer in an easy to understand format resulting in additional workshop sales.

autoVHC is now fully integrated with the leading DMS providers in the market.

  • Structured inspection process - Better control and measurement of inspection performance delivering higher revenue and profit on every service visit.

  • Customisable templates - Allows the repairer to tailor the inspection to its preferred checklist.

  • Native Technician application - Provides offline inspection capability avoiding dependence on WiFi connection.

  • Optional photo and video add-ins - Improves customer trust and improves likelihood to purchase.

autoVHC   - Electronic Vehicle Health Check (EVHC)


autoVHC is a comprehensive Electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) product from Snap-on Business Solutions, a business unit of Snap-on Incorporated. We are the authorised distributor for autoVHC in the MENA region.

  • Workflow management - Increases efficiency versus a paper-based process allowing a repairer to inspect, price and communicate offer in less time.

  • Built-in analytics - Provides real-time performance analytics to allow management improve sales performance.

  • Email and SMS communication - Gets the repair estimate quickly to the customer in a convenient format to improve authorisation rates and timing.

  • Follow-up system - Prompts repairer to follow-up on work not purchased on the initial visit increasing retention, revenue and profits.

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autoVHC helps service centers

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Improve Efficiency and Promotes Additional Workshop Sales.

Technical Animations

Service advisors can find explaining vehicle repairs to customers difficult due to the technical aspect, especially when the customer has left the workshop and has to be contacted via telephone to get approval for essential repairs.

The result in customers failing to understand the technical language can result in a loss in service and repair revenue opportunities.

Our technical animations solution is a cloud-based product containing over 450 service and repair animations that get the message across in a simple, engaging and effective way.


  • Increase service and repair opportunities

  • Service advisor can show how each part of the car works visually

  • Can demonstrate what might happen if the issue being explained is not attended to,

  • Promotes up-sell opportunities that are typically difficult to explain via text alone.

Integrating Technical Animations with autoVHC makes the acceptance process of the quotation easier

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A well-functioning appointment system is the first step towards a successful service center, and when paired with your DMS you can create a connected service center with all departments.

Online Service Booking

Our online booking platform gives customers the convenience of scheduling a service or repair directly on your website.

Available 24/7 to website visitors via desktop, tablet and mobile to book their appointments.


  • Higher conversion on bookings.

  • Fewer dropouts.

  • Aailable 24/7 on your website.

  • Available on all smart devices.

  • Customer appointment confirmation and reminder emails

  • No sign-ups or logins required


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