Automotive Business Management.

Improving your Dealer Performance through business management and consultancy.


Together with Snap-on Business Solutions a unit of Snap-on Incorporated, a $3.7 billion, S&P 500 Company, we provide business management services that give you the information your business needs to measure performance, manage operations, processes and plan the steps you should take to meet your objectives.

Making key decisions about the future of dealer networks requires high-quality usable information. Snap-on Business Solutions (SBS) business management services and expertise from our various resources helps transform dealer network data into usable KPIs that help monitor network health and identify key improvement opportunities by comparing them to various benchmark averages.


Snap-on Business Solutions have over 45 years of experience providing business management services that allow its customers to measure network performance, assess key improvement opportunities, and plan for growth. SBS now provide business management services in over 50 countries and to more than 30 brands.

We provide a class-leading solution that includes an innovative and flexible technology platform, transparent access to real time information, detailed and summary reporting (shows key opportunities compared to average), and vast experience to design, implement, and successfully support services in local language through our regional offices and consultancy partners.

Our solution is tailored to the requirements of each customer and can be extended with complementary tools as required. A modular platform can be extended so both OEM and dealer network users can access tools such as business management, seeded business planning, forecasting, scorecard, and visits and actions information. All tools can be accessed through a single login.

Snap-on Business Solutions Business Management platform includes

  • Dealer performance improvement – We turn raw data into useful business information. Our service collects dealership profit and loss and balance sheet data and provides innovative reporting in KPI formats that allow users to select benchmark averages that help them understand areas for dealer improvement.

  • Risk analysis - Provides dealership profitability information so that dealer financial stressors can be anticipated and avoided.

  • Future planning - Benchmarks and historical dealer data help with planning for the future and What if analysis.


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