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Sensus has identified a change toward flexible and affordable car ownership. Demand for car subscription services have quickly increased not only from consumers, but from dealerships who want to offer their subscription service.

Through our award-winning car subscription platform which is available to car dealerships as a complete end-to-end solution for subscribing and managing a vehicle fleet. Keep customers in your dealership

Sensus offers your business the tools and software to manage your car subscription service with customers with ongoing training and support provided throughout MENA. 


Generational shifts towards app-based on-demand and subscription services for everything from hailing a taxi to watching TV shows, the urge to own a car for mobility is diminishing among certain sections of young affluent consumers. As a logical progression, Sensus brings you a car subscription software solution where you can have your customers sign up to use a car for a month or longer. 

Give your customers a flexible alternative to traditional car ownership with a new weekly recurring revenue stream for your dealership.

Provide an option for customers not meeting certain finance criteria’s


Look at a subscription model for your service loan car fleet 


Get revenue from ageing registered stock


Subscription of new cars to drive registration targets


Define your own plans and pricing

Customize to suit your needs

Build a recurring revenue stream

Intelligent Automotive Video Solution 

Our solution is the ultimate Digital Merchandising Solution for your business consisting of an intelligent 360 Spin product and an advanced video platform - providing you with innovative new ways to merchandise your stock, contact your customers and market your business. 

All platforms come with dynamic reporting tools giving you further access to customer behaviour when engaging with a spin or watching a video – enabling more personalised sales experiences and happier customers.  

Automotive E- Commerce Platform

Using the latest technology and solutions available, our digital sales platform brings the dealership to the customer.


A complete purchase journey, allowing your customers to do everything from browsing, approving finance to purchasing a car completely online in the comfort of their own home. 

Vehicle subscription 

See a live Demonstration

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