Our founder comes from a background of 18 years within the Automotive and software industry. 

He has worked in leading roles across the European, Asian and American markets with global leaders, gaining extensive experience in technology, computer software and business transformation.

In the earlier years, due to demand, the businesses focus was on the aftersales market. It was soon to be apparent the necessity for further growth and the continued importance of digital technology for the region.

In 2016, Sensus joined forces with Titan DMS, the leading developer and supplier of cloud-based software solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers worldwide. Together the businesses worked closely to create a dealer management system specifically for the middle east. 

With the success of the Dealer management system and aftersales products, it was in no doubt time for the complete automotive journey to be realized. 

In 2018, Sensus set to focus on Presales and Sales solutions and together with world-class leaders in marketing and digital sales, the complete automotive journey was created.

In recent years, Sensus has expanded to Asia and continued to innovate and ensure we provide our customers with the best in class products and solutions.

The natural evolution brought our founder to cast his sights on the middle east, realizing the potential for innovation within the digital sector, with this vision, in 2013, Sensus was born.

It is with no doubt the future is now, and the future is digital.