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Automotive E- commerce Platform

Our digital sales platform brings the dealership to the customer. A complete purchase journey, allowing your customers to do everything from browsing, approving finance to purchasing a car completely online in the comfort of their own home. 


We use the latest technology and solutions available, to ensure all areas of the business are equipped for the modern-day consumer. 

We supply the automotive industry with advanced website design and digital marketing solutions – making your website your online showroom. Working with manufacturers and distributors across the GCC, our focus is to deliver outstanding customer service and professional expertise with a personal approach. 


Through our seamless process, this innovative solution combines a complete end to end solution for the modern-day customer. Available 24/7 in real-time to ensure you don’t miss a sale. This unique platform is not built on a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we tailor your platform to suit your customer needs and business objectives.

Our finance module allows customers to apply and process payments through our E-commerce platform, with approval within hours. We have ensured this module links with all major banks to keep the process seamless.


Providing seamless operations between a host of third parties such as banks, product providers and insurance brokers have made an attractive solution ready for the GCC market. With efficient and effective technologies, the process of acquiring finance and insurance in a paperless environment has been simplified. The ability to facilitate business effectively using a web-based solution along with IN APP signing, Fica verification and bar code decryption, make an exciting solution for both user and customer.

Game-changing Financing Technology in the GCC for the modern-day consumer

Intelligent customer profiling for the modern dealership 

We have combined our E-commerce platform with a proven retention program to provide benefits for your customers and increase retention for you.


The system helps you to track when customers bought the vehicle, if they have a service schedule arrangement and if the vehicle is in warranty plus many other interesting data. Your sales and service teams can then receive warm leads daily to convert into new sales based upon what your target is.



Our data analyses tens of thousands of cars and data scientists sources calculate from hundreds of independent GCC dealers, insurance companies and banks, as well as market retail prices.

Customers can get real time trade in valuations in the GCC and complete the buying cycle online.

Intelligent Automotive Video Solution 

Our solution is the ultimate Digital Merchandising Solution for your business consisting of an intelligent 360 Spin product and an advanced video platform - providing you with innovative new ways to merchandise your stock, contact your customers and market your business. 

All platforms come with dynamic reporting tools giving you further access to customer behaviour when engaging with a spin or watching a video – enabling more personalised sales experiences and happier customers.  

Award-winning Vehicle subscription platform

Keep customers in your dealership through our car subscription platform, which is available to car dealerships as a complete end-to-end solution, for subscribing and managing a vehicle fleet. 


Sensus has identified a change toward flexible and affordable car ownership. Demand for car subscription services have quickly increased not only from consumers, but from dealerships who want to offer their subscription service.

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