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Intelligent Automotive Video Solution

Our solution is a comprehensive Automotive video platform that can be used across all departments. The system gives you the ability to create and send personalized videos directly to a customer via either email or SMS. Consisting of an intelligent 360 Spin product, proven to generate incremental profit for both sales and aftersales arenas 

All platforms come with dynamic reporting tools giving you further access to customer behaviour when engaging with a spin or watching a video – enabling more personalised sales experiences and happier customers. With the comprehensive MI reporting suite, it allows you to track your teams usage and results.

Engage with your customers from a distance

The app allows you to create personal sales videos, allowing you to engage your customers regardless of the time or location, helping with distance sales and building customer relationships. Keep your customers engaged for longer with your brand.


Check on customer video ratings, view real time results, export reports and view staff performance all through 

our fully integrated dashboard. 

Your inside view to your customers

With full access to your own portal, it gives you control and allows you to Monitor, Review, Clone, Re-send and Upload videos.  Managers can access the dashboard reporting to see video ratings and even performance of one sales person or a whole team.

A proven way to boost trust and transparency and increase sales of red and amber work delivering incremental profit and a significant ROI

Automotive E- Commerce Platform

Using the latest technology and solutions available, our digital sales platform brings the dealership to the customer.


A complete purchase journey, allowing your customers to do everything from browsing, approving finance to purchasing a car completely online in the comfort of their own home. 

Award-winning Vehicle subscription platform

Keep customers in your dealership through our car subscription platform, which is available to car dealerships as a complete end-to-end solution, for subscribing and managing a vehicle fleet. 


Sensus has identified a change toward flexible and affordable car ownership. Demand for car subscription services have quickly increased not only from consumers, but from dealerships who want to offer their subscription service.

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