Lead Generation.

Technology to increase leads and enhance your digital marketing.


Video Marketing App

This solution is a personalised video marketing tool allowing dealers and service centers to connect with their customer through video, at every stage of the customer journey from presales to aftersales.

What can be sent on the app?


  • Pre-recorded promotional videos.

  • Personalised recorded videos.

  • Event advertisements.

  • Thank you – follow up messages.

  • Sales personal or service center communication.

  • Send personal or promotional videos directly to a customer.

  • Can be sent via SMS or WhatsApp.

  • Showcase your business, promotions and vehicles parts.

  • Build relationships regardless of the time or location.

​All customer interaction and video performance can be accessed in the solution admin center.

Sensus Video Solution on iphone.png

The solution is built on a user-friendly app, which allows you to send personalized video to your customers in a professional format regardless of the locations.


When the customer opens the link, vital vehicle and business information can appeal persuading the customer to interact further.


Improve your Digital Marketing.

Retargeting advertisements
increase page vehicle views by 



Retargeting Advertisements

Retargeting is an extremely useful online advertising method that targets visitors who have left your website to persuade them to return. 


Retargeting brings these high-value visitors back and keeps them engaged with your dealership. 

The module can see a shopper who has been on your website and retargets them with interactive ads on other websites wherever they are browsing on the internet – for example, news site and sports sites.

Sensus Retargeting banner image.png


  • Ads display essential vehicles and features the shopper has previously interacted with on your website to promote them returning.

  • Only pay when the customer returns to your website.

  • Target customers most likely to convert into sales.


Used For

  • Vehicle lunches

  • Event advertisements

  • Marketing campaigns

Automotive Video Creation & Photography

There was a dramatic shift in video engagement from 2020 to 2021 due to restrictions. It resulted in a significant increase in video watch time with projections indicating that over 80% of the global internet traffic in 2022, will come from video.

Now more then ever, digital marketing is vital for promoting your business. Using video marketing, allows you to showcase your business effectively, with a video that is direct, widely accessible and engaging, improving your overall customer interaction.

Helping you digitally market your business effectively!


  • Automotive photography

  • Filmed promotional campaigns

  • Animation videos


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