Online Service booking

Functionalities that can be offered

  • Consumer Online Appointment Booking

  • Log-In for registered consumers already

  • Vehicle identification via model and vehicle images

  • Service Offers Menu via VIN Identification

  • Graphical user interface/web page design and build

  • Bookable menus include VIN-specific, according to manufacturer specifications

  • Service and repair operations with pricing

  • Standard mobility options (Drop off or while-u-wait)

  • Configuration of available OSB time slots with workshop capacity consideration

  • Automated service appointment confirmation with booking codes and reminders

  • Dealer´s Reminder Alerts to ensure the bookings are accepted

  • Reporting at Dealer and National level (main activities KPI´s)

When selecting the best online service booking platform for your business, it is important to get the right balance between simplicity for the user but advanced enough to drive customer behaviour. 


Our OSB has been designed by Automotive experts that understand the customer journey, ensuring higher conversion on bookings and fewer dropouts.

Predict, communicate proactively and incentivise customers to your online booking platform

Our platform reduces the incoming telephone calls or emails to the service centre which often lead to poor customer experience and impacting retention. The key path to a successful OSB platform is to predict, communicate proactively and incentivise customers to your online booking platform.


We offer both stand-alone and Integrated OSB solutions that connect to our Intelligent planning system or the dealership DMS.

An intelligent, self-learning planning solution for automotive workshops and body shops. 


Eliminate paper processes with our Intelligent planning suite, with its machine learning approach to Intelligent workshop planning and optimised technician efficiency. 

Intelligent Workshop Planning System

Electronic Vehicle health check

A complete electronic vehicle health check system that helps service workshops improve efficiency and Identify additional repair issues. EVHC generates a complete vehicle inspection report which can be sent to the customer in an easy to understand format resulting in additional workshop sales on average of 30 USD per customer visit in parts and labour. 

Intelligent CRM for Aftersales

The platform extracts sales, service and parts transaction data directly from the DMS of a single dealer or entire network (across multiple DMS systems) both historically and ongoing, after cleansing and enhancing the data with other data sources we provide new performance and opportunity ANALYTICS including repurchase, retention and data quality. 

Technical Animations

Our Automotive narrated animations show each vehicle part and system, the animations make complex descriptions easy to explain and understand, breaking down the technical language barrier that prevents customers from understanding the reason for essential servicing and repairs. 

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