A Dynamic Dealer Management System for 2021 & Beyond

It is vital to ensure the core platform you run your dealership on integrates your whole business without limitations and is built for online sales ready for the digital era.

Together with Titan DMS we have built a DMS system specifically for the MENA region. The Titan Dealer Management System is designed for global application and has been adopted by dealerships covering over 45 different automotive brands throughout Australia, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Titan DMS is a leading developer and supplier of cloud-based software solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers.

Ready to evolve with industry changes and advancements in technology.

Delivering a dealer management system through an SaaS model, Titan DMS provides real time access to all users throughout the entire business, whether that be a small showroom, or a multi-site, multi-franchise dealership.

Titan creates a flexible platform ready to evolve with the Automotive market

Built with technology Ready For The Future

Titan DMS uses only the latest technology and has been designed specifically as a web and cloud-based system equipped for changes and technology advancements.

DMS systems running legacy technology that attempt to work under advanced modern technology struggle within this environment due to the system not being designed for the digital era.

Ongoing system upgrades to keep up with industry changes, with no further cost and no downtime for users.

A Dealer Management System ready for the Middle East market

Titan DMS has had additional elements tailored specifically for dealerships in the Middle East. These elements are fundamental to the day-to-day operations of a dealership, removing the need to find inefficient and expensive workarounds.

These developments, which are standard in the core Titan DMS system, increase efficiency and utilization of the system through a number of operational developments and the following solutions.

- Enter & store data in Arabic - Arabic printing available - Consumer financing - Vehicle rental & Vehicle leasing - Tools management - Service contract management - Local currency conversion

It’s the attention to small details that makes a big difference!

To learn more about these digital products and how you can introduce them into your service center, contact us.

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