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Apple announces CarKey, that lets users unlock, lock and start a car with an iPhone or Apple Watch

  • Apple's new iOS 14 will include a wireless way to unlock a vehicle

  • CarKey can be paired to an iPhone and Apple Watch, and works with NFC

  • Users hold the device up to the reader and FaceID will be activated

  • Once the users authorizes the feature, the vehicle will be unlocked

  • The feature will be supported by the new BMW Series 5 set for next month 

Apple revealed the new iOS 14 during its first digital Worldwide Developers Conference  that included a range of cutting edge features.

Along with new widgets and an App library, the tech giant has added a wireless way to unlock, lock and startup your car with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Called CarKey, the technology works with near field communication (NFC) and will be supported by the new 2021 BMW 5 series that is set to hit the market next month. 

CarKey also lets you share keys with other iOS users via iMessage by creating a driver profile that restricts how long friends and family have access to the key.

Apple held its highly-anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Monday morning, but due to the coronavirus, the event was held online.

However, the Apple team put together a tech powered conference using visual and sound effects, making this event more exciting than previous shows.

WWDC always unveils the upcoming iOS and shares all the new features it brings along.

CarKey will let users unlock, start and lock their cars without fumbling through their bag or pockets for a physical key.  

Emily Schubert, Senior Manager of car esperince engineering for apple, said: ‘Digital keys have security benefits. If your keys go missing you can turn off your keys remotely.'

'They are even easier to share than a physical key. Copies do not involve trips to the dealership and you can share them no mater where you are with iMesage.

'With each key you share, you can set options like a restricted driver profile.  

The feature will also allow car owners share keys with other iOS users via iMessage by creating them a driving profile, allowing owners to place restrict how long family or friends have access to the keys.

Apple said the 2021 BMW Series 5 vehicle will be equip with the feature.

Users simply wave their device over the NFC reader and are prompted to authorize the feature using FaceID.

Once inside, the driver places their iPhone inside the charger and pushes the ignition button to start the vehicle.

The tech giant noted that it will roll out CarKey in iOS 13 as well and can be supported by all vehicles with the specific communication reader.  

Apple is also working on standards with industry groups with the goal for CarKey to work with any vehicle.

The system would leverage Apple’s U1 chip, which uses ultra wideband technology to determine precise spatial awareness.

This means you can leave your iPhone in your bag or pocket and still be able to unlock and start your car.

Apple said they hope to see support for this standard starting in new cars next year.

Source: Dailymail

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