Automotive COVID-19 Animation to send to customers

In efforts to help dealerships and garages through the current Covid-19 safety regulations, we are offering an automotive animation to send to customers. The Animation reassures them, you’re adhering to safe practices and maintaining social distancing rules.

The Animation is created for a dealership and garage environment and can be tailored for your business, including logos, cars types and languages.

Technical 3D Animation of vehicle parts

Our animations are currently being used across service centers. With over 450 automotive animations showing each vehicle part and system, it allows service advisors to visually show a customer the reasons for essential services and repairs, building trust with the customer who can easily see for themselves what is being explained.

60% of customers booked an appointment after watching a technical animation.

From a customer study over four months, 60% of customers would not have booked an appointment without receiving their follow-up email, including an animation.

Key features allow you to email or SMS narrated video links to customers. Embed custom animations on your business websites, with continuous access all the newest animation content as soon as it is created/updated.

More about Technical Animations >

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