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Dealer Management System for the Middle East

Together with Titan DMS, we have used the latest technology to tailor the Titan Dealer Management System to dealerships in the Middle East.

Together with Titan DMS, we have used the latest technology to tailor the Titan Dealer Management System to dealerships in the Middle East. We have developed intricate details that make a big difference, details that businesses usually workaround to compensate.

These developments, which are standard in the core Titan DMS system, consists of the following solutions and a number of operational developments to increase efficiency and utilization of the DMS further.

• Consumer financing

• Vehicle rental

• Vehicle leasing

• Tools management

• Service contract management

• Multi-currency

• Multilingual

A dealer Management System ready for the Middle East market!


The Titan DMS was created specifically for the Automotive market by automotive experts. Unlike other ERP systems, our DMS is comprised of modules and details specific to a dealer environment.

When you buy a vehicle, there is a lot more to a purchase and add on modules, which are vital to running a successful management system, such as warranty, finance, accessories, bolt-on options like after-market, insurance, service contract, trade in options and more. The Titan system is specific and focuses on managing a dealership and garage environment.

It’s the little details that makes a big difference!


Digital advancements have significantly been brought forward due to the pandemic. Digital growth must be considered when running a system as the technology a DMS needs to be built to keep up with these advancements.

Titan DMS uses only the latest technology and has been designed specifically as a web and cloud-based system equipped for changes and technology advancements.

DMS systems running legacy technology that attempt to work under advanced modern technology struggle within this environment due to the system not being designed for the digital era.

Titan creates a flexible platform ready to evolve with the Automotive market giving all users access to software upgrades with no further cost.


A benifit of using a could based Dealer Management System is it combines your whole business data in once place.

Titan DMS allows you to access your business data and generate reports in real-time rather than overnight, meaning you can get a live snapshot of your whole business regardless of the time of day without relying on a team member to put the data together manually. This is simply done in the analytics module, which can be accessed on your desktop or mobile app in any location.

Dealerships gather enormous amounts of data every day, allowing for greater reporting capabilities within the DMS to monitor and manage the business making it necessary to have a DMS system capable of keeping up with analyzing data effectively and efficiently.

Complex data made simple!


One of the benefits of using the Titan Dealer Management System is that it’s an open platform.

Titan DMS eliminates the restrictions around unifying other systems within your business. It removes double entry and multiple systems, creating a connected dealer environment.

The issue with running on a DMS without this technology is that it is not readily available for future growth and restricts you from unifying other systems in the business. Digital innovation is inevitable, making it vital that the DMS running your dealership is ready to connect with new technology and advancements in the industry.

Give your business Improved efficiency with greater visibility.


When implementing a Dealer management system to your entire business, it’s essential to keep in mind the human element of implementing a new system.

One of the key benefits of using the Titan DMS that it uses Microsoft technology that is familiar to over 80% of the population for desktop and laptop users, so when it comes to changing or implementing a new system, the process is uncomplicated and familiar to most users.

When it comes to change management, Titan DMS bring a system that caters for the end-user. The system allows employees to gain confidence quickly and create an accepting environment due to familiarity.

A system to grow your business should be easy to use!

A Dealer Management System should enhance your business and create a seamless process. We eliminate the hesitation of change and help you embrace digitalization without business interruption.

At Sensus we want to ensure the core platform you run your dealership on integrates your whole business without limitations and is built for online sales ready for the digital era.

Give your dealership the system it needs to be a dealership of the future.

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