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Digital Dealership Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Customer Value Retailing

Post pandemic life changes have been a focal point for many consumers, with personal growth and wellbeing now being a leading factor in their day-to-day lives.

How does this affect dealerships and retailing? These life changes have meant consumers expect the purchasing journey to reflect their values. A customer centric approach is vital for business growth and customer retention in 2022 and conveying a sense of loyalty and trust is a must.

Using technology to enhance the customer journey and create a transparent and seamless experience is vital in the future of automotive

The Metaverse World

With more interest than ever in the metaverse, brands across all industries have started to welcome the newest technology trend.

It has been predicted that the metaverse market will reach as much as $800 billion by 2024 and although this is at early stages in the automotive market, it is clear that a new way of advertising, selling and buying cars in the 3D ecosystem is well on its way.

Digital Demographic Expansion

The pandemic has accelerated consumer digital adoption with consumers who have been most hesitant to embrace the digital influx, they've now started to welcome digital transformation across dealerships and become savvier tech users.

The pandemic restrictions forced consumers historically reluctant to digital retailing to explore different ways to browse and purchase in the car market, and this caused an increase in the demographic of online retailing.

The technology used across dealerships is becoming more user-friendly to tailor to the broader market.

Dealership And Technology Partners

Digital presence for dealerships is no longer a goal but a must in 2022.

A dealership's physical address is no longer your main business address as more and more people rely on online platforms for most of their purchase journey.

Technology is a constant evolution and not a one time fix, making it vital to work with a technology partner to continue to grow and ensure you are abreast of the latest digital trends to keep up with consumer demand.

Omnichannel Experience

A big trend already for the past two years is now on the rise, with the pandemic resulting in the growth in omnichannel retailing.

Consumers control how and when the engage with brands and now, being spoilt with the choice of communicating with businesses on multiple platforms means their expectations are high and will continue to evolve.

It is vital to ensure a seamless buying experience and create an enjoyable digital experience through multiple streams. To ensure this, the technology you run your business on must be equipped for constant growth and current demands.

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