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Geely wins ‘COMPANYBEST’ accolade at Autobest Awards

As Geely’s Emgrand 7, Emgrand GS and Emgrand X7 SPORT continue to provide more and more motorists in Oman with uncompromising driving pleasure and performance, the manufacturer continues to add to its list of world-class awards and accolades.

Their most recent accolade was winning the “COMPANYBEST” title at the annual Autobest Awards, which recently took place on 13th February 2020 in Mainz, Germany

The award was a tribute to the growing success of Geely, and recognition of the brand having fast established itself as a leader in an extremely competitive automotive industry sector since its inception into the marketplace in 1986.

Autobest is an organisation and auto jury which was established in 2000 in the Romanian capital of Bucharest by a group of leading motoring journalists and opinion leaders from eight European countries. Today, the jury consists of a team of independent journalists made up from 31 member countries. Through the Autobest Awards, the organisation establishes what is a highly regarded set of “best buy” vehicle options for potential car customers in Europe, and the rest of the world.

Along with vehicle performance, the important criteria in the voting process include pricing, service networks, spare parts distribution, versatility, and innovative design and new technologies.

In the Sultanate of Oman, the Geely range continues to provide motorists with excellent on-road performance, world-class quality, and striking new-world looks. This is the result of Geely continuing to foster a design and manufacturing environment that has consistently achieved better and new solutions, as well as constant innovation. Customers in Oman can experience the new, award-winning world of Geely at any one of the Towell Auto Centre (TAC) showrooms distributed throughout the country.

Source: Bureau / www.businessliveme.com

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