How to bring high intend customers back to your dealer website

When a potential lead leaves your dealer website, are you using a technology that encourages them to return?

Our intelligent Retargeting Advertisements is a leading marketing module that keeps customers engaged with your dealer website.

It increases vehicle page views by 40%

How does it work?

The module sees a shopper who has been on your website and targets them once they have left to persuade them to return. By using interactive ads appearing on other websites they are browsing on the internet such as news site and sports sites.

Using the latest technology, the ads display the vehicles and features the shopper has previously interacted with on your dealer website.

Targeting customers most likely to convert into sales.

The technology uses shopper behavior from SRP visits to VDP engagement, to identify the shoppers most likely to convert.

Shoppers are matched with the most relevant vehicles, prioritized by days on lot to move aged inventory faster

In a recent study of a dealer in the Middle East using retargeting ads -

They had 84% more engagement than LinkedIn ads and 45% more then google ads. Over a 5 week period they doubled their visitor rate compared to other paid marketing ads.

Personalised ads in your branding

The hyper-personalized ads are generated based on the vehicles viewed, and delivered across the web. Displaying vehicle features based on demonstrated shopper interests.

The most effective way to bring shoppers back to your website

Only pay if you get a returned visitor.

The module is based on click throughs ensuring that you pay only for incremental VDP views.

To learn more about retargeting ads and how you can start using the module to increase leads, contact us