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How to keep your dealer business moving when customers can’t visit your dealership

Digital process combined with safety procedures keep business moving when customers don’t want to visit the dealership.

By giving customers a digital process and safety reassurance, they can continue to buy vehicles and have them serviced. This is key as we come out of the current lockdowns.

The process of selling a vehicle completely online, new or used can be challenging as the customer wants to physically see and test drive the product.

Using our online selling platforms which are tried and tested globally. We can allow the dealer to offer the customer a fully immersive experience. From vehicle videos allowing the option to view different specifications available right through to financial options and placing a deposit.

From a servicing perspective, many cars will have laid dormant for an extended period of time. Some customers may want to get their vehicles serviced in the short term to ensure they are providing safety for their family. 

Using AutoVHC from Snapon, allows the dealer to offer a full check on the vehicle from every component such as brakes and tyres. The dealer is then providing a good level of customer service to the end-user. By using AutoVHC from Snapon, the average upsell on parts and labour per customer transaction is approximately $30. This provides a strong return on investment for any OEM or dealer investing in a digital service process.

When combined with marketing a safe distancing and anti-bacterial messaging approach. The customer can have the assurance to get the car delivered to their home for test drive or service, safe in the knowledge that they and their loved ones are secure. The Gardx kleanair product kills up to 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. It is also proven to protect against Coronavirus.

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