Sensus team implements Titan DMS into RMA Motors Dubai.

A successful week for the Sensus team implementing Titan DMS into RMA Motors Dubai. Rma Motors have built a cutting edge, prestige dealership and car care environment, pushing digital technology in their dealership.

By implementing Titan Dealer Management System and autoVHC (Electronic vehicle health check), the business has created a connected dealer environment promoting best practices.

As we continue our journey with RMA motors, we look forward to taking their business on the complete digital journey.

To find out how you can create a connected dealer and implement the latest digital technology to your business, contact us

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Sensus is the industry leader in providing a complete portfolio of digital products and solutions for the automotive industry. 

We are the official provider in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa for our digital technology. Our Dealer Management System - Titan DMS is built by the leading developer and supplier of cloud-based software solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers worldwide. DMS Middle East.