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5 steps on how to stay motivated when working from home

In light of the current global situation, I reflect on one of the hardest things I've had to do in my career, staying motivated and keeping a positive mindset when working from home.

Coming from a background of working in dealerships from an early age, I would always be able to find inspiration from my surroundings in the workplace. This could be anything from seeing my employees taking something we had planned, putting it into action, and watching as they reap the rewards or, seeing my staff receive accolade from their customers. But mostly, seeing a customer walk out happy after dealing with our service.

I was in an environment where I could see these achievements happening around me. This inspiration created the motivation I needed to further improve myself and the business.

Fast forward to the current years working from home, I’m no longer surrounded by these moments. So, how do I stay motivated being at home and more importantly stay focused? Well, to be honest, I never stopped to analyse this but rather just got on with the job. Now being surrounded by this thought I’ve taken the time to break down my experience in the area.

When I first started working from home, I struggled a lot to stay focused and most of that was because of the environment I was now in. I was home and had my family around me constantly. It was very easy to become distracted. Often this would mean I would have to force myself to behave the same way as though I was getting ready to go to work as I always did. This would mean waking up at the same time and follow the same routine I had been accustomed to. 

I believe routine creates productiveness and the five steps I follow are;

1: Positive mindset. Firstly, it's key to create a positive mental attitude. To do this, I wake up earlier to do some form of exercise, exercising for at least 20 minutes gives me a hit of positive energy. I am then in the home office ready to work 30 minutes before I have to and spend the time preparing what I want to achieve for the day.

2: Wearing business attire, continuing to dress as I would when meeting customers. Although when working from home, it may seem unnecessary but taking the time on myself prior to starting my day keeps me in a professional and productive attitude.

3: Creating my own space. I found setting up a room or area in the house for me to work In, would set myself in the right mindset and give me a sense of ownership. This was now my working environment and I could switch off from being at home. 

4: Make the people around me aware of my routine. This means, ensuring family understand that between 9 am – 5 pm I am, ‘still at work’, this took the pressure off from feeling obligated into other tasks around the house and getting distracted.

5: Creating structure for the week with the team. I plan my day out, write this plan down and make sure I follow through with all my activities. This maintains focus. I would set days to check in with my team, this would not only give me the contact I needed as a normal work environment but also encourage others to stay focused and positive. Motivation breeds motivation.

More importantly, I'd tell myself that today, no matter what, I'm going to find a way to be better than I had been the day before. Finding improvement in yourself is one of the most important ways to stay motivated.

Driving yourself to be better.

In this unprecedented time, this routine has become a challenge, as not only are we forced to work from home but also restricted in the choices to communicate and leave our house freely where needed.

It's easy to fall into the doom and gloom of everything but what’s important to remember, is we will come through this and we will be stronger.

Stay positive and stay motivated and although these steps may seem like little things, it’s when the little things were put together that changed and improve my day.

Jamie Frame – General Manager, Sensus Automotive

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