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Here's how you can still try out a new car in the UAE

Peugeot has launched its Valet Test Drive and Service program to help people in the UAE experience the brand’s models or service their existing cars from the comfort and safety of their own home. To help customers maintain the social distancing guidelines, Peugeot will bring the cars to customers’ homes. ​ A dedicated website,www.uae.peugeot.com/valet-test-drive, has been launched where a customer can gain information about the car they are interested in and book a Valet Test Drive. A sales executive will contact the customer and go over the details of the model as well as location and time where they would like to experience the car. ​ The sales executive will bring the car, which will have been thoroughly sanitised, to the customer and give them an in-depth tour of the car. Peugeot stresses that this will be done while maintaining very strict precautions to maintain social distancing and hygiene standards. If the customer is happy with the demonstration, a personalised mail is sent to the them with the price breakdown to finalise financial proceedings, before the car is registered and delivered to the new owner. ​ For customers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, the new approach extends into the Valet Service Program, where they can go on the dedicated website, www.uae.peugeot.com/services/valet-service, and have their Peugeot cars serviced without having to step out. The car is picked up and the service advisor speaks to the customer about the time and cost of service. After the service is completed the car is delivered back to the customer having been fully sanitised. ​ Sony Thomas - Wheels Editor

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