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The future of dealer websites is intelligence

The future of dealer websites focuses on their ability to adapt and evolve as consumer needs change.

Our custom websites are powered by Bluesky Interactive, the UK's leading digital automotive website provider. They have worked in the motor trade exclusively since established in 2002 and have been at the forefront of creating bespoke websites for car dealers for nearly 20 years.

The focus to constantly innovate saw us rise to the occasion when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Dealer websites were suddenly pushed into an accelerated development curve, and a fire was well and truly lit under e-commerce, putting an overdue emphasis on the importance of a website as the dealer's digital forecourt.

Together with Bluesky Interactive, we firmly believe that the future of dealer websites focuses on their ability to adapt and evolve as consumer needs change; this comes in many shapes and sizes:

Website personalisation

Statistics show that personalising websites to be dealer-specific can generate hundreds of extra leads. Bluesky's website personalisation facility intelligently tracks user activity and segments their behaviours, allowing you to target them with personalised content, making it relevant and more personal – which leads to significantly higher levels of leads.

Content Management

Allowing customers to manage their website, Giving clients control over their website through being able to edit flat pages, such as text, videos and pictures.

APIs and integrations

Bluesky Interactive have always been one of the most co-operative and flexible providers on the market and that is more apparent with their willingness to work with multiple third parties. This co-operative approach allows dealers to select suppliers that work with their business rather than ones mandated by a restrictive website supplier.

Their focus is on creating and opening access to internal APIs, as well as working to integrate them into a range of third-party products, this offers the greatest depth of function and intelligence.

To support all of this activity and growth, Bluesky has been actively increasing their specialised in-house development team. The team has more than doubled in size in the past year, allowing them to be agile and adaptive, as well as letting them take the initiative with creative solutions.

In months and years to come, dealers must be equipped with the right digital technology to enhance their business and adapt to the changes.

With websites being at the forefront of dealerships online, it leaves an extensive reliance on their website technology, making it vital that dealers use innovative website providers with the ability to integrate and adapt to the customer's needs and business requirements.

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