The guide to becoming a Digital Dealership of 2021 in the Middle East

As we begin 2021, it is safe to say the road ahead is a new and evolving journey. The future of digital transformation forecasted for the automotive industry has significantly been brought forward due to the pandemic. Dealers can no longer solely rely on traditional methods of running their business and depend on just a physical store but adapt to the on-line demand to connect with customers digitally and shift their mindset to digital transformation.

Is your dealership ready for the digital era and modern retailing?

The regions E-commerce spend is projected to grow at a CAGR of 24.6% until 2022, which is faster than any other region in the world. It will grow at a CAGR of 23% between 2019 and 2022.

With the statistic at hand and visible change in the industry, due to restrictions. Together with our technology and automotive digital experts, we have put together solutions to equip our customers for the upsurge.

The vital take has been,

To be a dealership of 2021 and beyond – It is critical that businesses and the technology they use, must integrate and have the ability to evolve with digital growth, this means, using the right technology and platforms that are equipped and built for the digital era.

It is no longer sufficient or sustainable to run a dealership where you're reactive to industry and consumer changes but analyze your business as a whole and ensure each department on the customer journey is connected and running smoothly.

Our core strength as a business is that Sensus take a proactive approach, assessing a company as a whole and by each department. We provide solutions that improve overall performance and ensure the technology we used, is ready for digital growth and provides an ROI.

We have analyzed every stage of the automotive journey to provide the latest digital technology from presales to aftersales.

Sensus Five stage Digital automotive journey:

Presales / Digital Marketing

Online Showroom


Online service center


The issue we find with many dealers is that each department is running separately and not speaking to each other. Although they may be running to expectations which have previously worked, the problem is that they are restricting the ability to improve performance and analyze vital data across the whole business, this means companies who are welcoming the digital change are equipped with better technology giving them a competitive advantage.

With the five-stage journey in mind, it is vital to ask the questions,

Is your business connected through each stage? Do you have the ability to analyze your business data in real-time? Are using the best technology that ensures you gain more customers and create upsell opportunities on existing customers?

Our five-stage journey consists of technology and solutions which we have carefully chosen to support dealerships. We work with world-class automotive technology providers who are experts in their field, which means each solution has a team behind them purely focusing on that product.

At the heart of our five-stage journey is our Dealer Management system. A DMS is at the forefront of running a successful dealership and connects each stage of the journey. The importance of using a modern-day DMS is that it allows dealers to manage their entire business from a single login platform.

$2 million-dollar customized Dealer management system specifically for the middle east.

Our technology is provided by Titan DMS, the leading developer and supplier of cloud-based software solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers. The system is designed for global application and has been adopted by dealerships covering over 45 different automotive brands throughout Australia, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and the Middle East with an investment of $2 million dollars customizing the Titan DMS system specifically for the middle east.

A DMS system running a dealership must be equipped with technology that integrates and ready for industry growth. One of the driving forces for dealers selecting the Titan Dealer Management System is the approach to integration. Dealers can link all departments within the one system, to provide complete visibility of the entire customer journey.

Access your data anywhere at any time on your mobile or desktop

Dealerships gather enormous amounts of data every day, and this allows greater reporting capabilities within the DMS to monitor and manage the business. But in many cases, there is simply too much data for one person or department to analyze, highlighting missed opportunities for process improvement and cost savings.

"The automotive industry has immense power within the data it holds but doesn't use it. Dealer Analytics converts that data into clear, real-time visualizations, allowing dealers to take immediate action without the need for lengthy reporting or time-consuming analysis."

- Matthew Kroll - Managing Director Titan DMS

The system allows you to access data and generate reports in real-time, meaning you can get a live snapshot of your whole business at any time without relying on a team member to manually put the data together.

Marketing effectively – To maximize new opportunities.

With the significant growth in on-line sales, more people are spending time on-line before making a purchasing decision. It is essential to establish an on-line presence that targets your potential customers correctly and builds your brands reputation successfully.

Our Intelligent marketing campaigns use advanced technology to extract data and intelligently make marketing predictions based on trends, customer interaction and vehicle history. The system uses historical and new data to target your audience through email campaigns, SMS and WhatsApp more precisely than traditional methods.

When combined with re-targeting ads, the ads use customer transaction history to gain information on what they respond to and create targeted marketing campaigns to boost conversion. Retargeting is an extremely effective on-line advertising method that targets bounced-off website traffic and focuses on re-engaging customers via on-line ads that will persuade them to return to your website.

Video is a powerful sales tool across the Automotive industry, bridging the gap for engaging, informing, and marketing to customers. Video marketing can increase conversions by 80%, with 51% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Our video solution app, it gives you the ability to send personal or promotional videos directly to a customer via email, SMS or WhatsApp as well as the option for a live video stream. Allowing you to engage your customers, showcase your business, promotions and build relationships regardless of the time or location.

Digital Retailing tailored to Automotive businesses.

Our digital sales technology works across our dealership and service center stages, bringing the dealership and service center to the customer on-line and remotely. The technology is a combination of the latest solutions creating a complete automotive purchase journey, allowing your customers to do everything from browsing, approving finance to purchasing a car entirely on-line.

With a competitive market, we provide technology that is tested and proven, to ensure the time your customers spend on your on-line showroom is engaging, informative and a seamless process.

Bring your showroom to life On-line with our virtual reality experience.

With the increase in on-line engagement due to restrictions, customers expectations of their on-line experience have shifted. The customer expects not only an easy to navigate the website, but clear and detailed imagery.

Our Spin-360 solution enables shoppers to explore a vehicle from any angle, giving dealers a competitive advantage and keeping customers on their website longer. In under 5 minutes, a dealer can create 360° interior and exterior spins, including live videos, which is 3-4 times faster than other photo methods.

When combined with our Virtual showroom technology, it creates an interactive, virtual on-line experience. Enabling your customers to navigate around your showroom, browse cars, read vehicle information, book a test drive and purchase on-line.

Seamless Connectivity from your On-line showroom to your dealership.

When you begin selling vehicles and part on-line, it is imperative that you integrate the on-line store with your inventory management store through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and dealer management system . This will help you automate the process. Vehicle stock information will be displayed in real-time on-line, and any orders placed will find their way to your inventory, analytics, billing and accounts modules. The process of integration will enable you to centralize your operations seamlessly and effectively.

Aftersales Technology - Driving Efficiency and Profitability

A successful service workshop depends on how the staff can manage multiple jobs and processes required, to perform the work needed on a customer's vehicle, whilst delivering it at the agreed time and price. To execute this successfully, your service center must be equipped with proven data-driven systems. Customer-centric applications that directly improve customer retention and increase revenue. Our digital solutions for aftersales work across the core stages from booking to the retargeting of a customer.

Using a required solution for the modern service center, as electronic vehicle health check system helps service workshops improve efficiency and profitability. Our technology is provided by the Leading EVHC Provider and part of Snap-on Business Solutions, Snap-on Incorporated is a $3.7 billion, S&P 500 Company.

The state-of-the-art mobile walk-around vehicle inspection feature can adapt to retailers of all sizes and any processes already in place. The system helps service workshops improve efficiency and identify additional repair issues, generating a complete vehicle inspection report which can be sent to the customer in an easy to understand format resulting in additional workshop sales.

Planning and Scheduling the intelligent way

Planning technicians workload is a standard daily exercise, although, if not done correctly, it can result in a significant decrease in efficiency. Our intelligent workshop planning system covers the entire process of planning and scheduling. It is an intelligent, self-learning planning solution for automotive workshops and body shops. Based on smart algorithms that make it possible to automatically plan and re-plan work orders in the most efficient way, while taking into account customer preferences and special requirements.

Wasted time will be reduced by the technicians no longer having to a timeclock or go to the service reception department. Using the service tablet PC and solutions, such as digital job card, technician time clocking and job control, it eliminates wasted time.

Dealer Management System – Connecting the aftersales journey

Titan DMS gives visibility of technician and job status in a way that makes the control and monitoring of a workshop simple. Integration with manufacturers' service menus brings labour, parts and sundry requirements into a point-and-click interface, giving accurate costs at the time of booking.

Making the change and adapting to the new normal

2021 is well underway, and it's clear that digital transformation in the industry is knocking at the door of every dealership. Although the thought of change can seem like an inconvenience and somewhat unnecessary, the change is already happening to dealers across the region, giving many dealers a competitive advantage.

Centralizing customer information within the one system provides enormous visibility of the life cycle across all departments, creating a seamless customer journey and a more efficient and profitable business.

By keeping your existing systems for another twelve months, and not analyzing the business as a whole, The question is,

Can you afford not to make the change and not to welcome the Sensus digital automotive journey?

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