The intelligent Digital Marketing Tool Automotive Businesses are using to sell more cars

According to a guide published on how dealers can find success through google, 83% of car purchasers spent up to three months doing research and are ready to buy when they arrive at a dealership.

10% of new vehicles sold in 1H 2020 were sold online, compared to 1% in 2018

It found that the amount of material and research options available are substantial, making it vital to use essential marketing tools to engage interested buyers effectively.

What if you could bring back all the new customers who visited your website but left before purchasing?


In the physical environment, dealers spend a significant amount of money on their premises to bring shoppers through the door – Not using retargeting technology, Is equivalent to not following up a customer who has shown interest in a vehicle.

Those shoppers who have self-identified as being in the market for a vehicle, must be targeted with intelligent technology to win that shopper when they are ready to make their decision. Retargeting is a beneficial online advertising method that targets visitors who have left your website to persuade them to return.

More than 90% of viewers visiting the vehicles display page leave that dealer's website and never return.

"We advertise heavily but have struggled to distinguish in-market shoppers from casual visitors, and it's an even bigger challenge to nurture high-potential shoppers and keep them coming back. Retargeting enables us to accurately retarget the right consumers with personalized adverts, significantly increasing website conversion."- Ryan Hughes, Co-Founder & CEO, RMA Motors. See case study >


The typical dealer spends thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising each month to attract shoppers. Yet, more than 90% of viewers visiting the vehicles display page, leave that dealer's website and never return.

When applying digital marketing tools to your business, its important to use Automotive specific technology rather than generic agency solutions. Solutions created to speak to a customer in the market for a vehicle rather randomly coming across your website.


Not every visitor to your website is in the market for a vehicle. That's why it is essential to target only potential customers. The key benefit for you, the dealer, is you will only pay when a shopper clicks the ad.

The retargeting module is a developed approach that enables you to pin-point high intent buyers on your site and target them specifically. We identify the shoppers most likely to convert by understanding their digital footprint across your website.

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