With the significant growth in online sales, more people are spending time online before making a purchasing decision. It is essential to establish an online presence that targets your potential customers correctly and builds your brands reputation successfully.


Our Presale and Marketing category combines the latest presale solutions tailored to the automotive industry. They allow you to reach a wider audience, gain more leads and track your marketing performance.

Intelligent Marketing campaigns

Our Intelligent marketing campaigns use advanced technology to extract data and intelligently make marketing predictions based on trends, customer interaction and vehicle history. The system uses historical and new data to allow you to target your audience through email campaigns, SMS and WhatsApp more precisely than traditional methods. 


With the additional re-targeting element, the solution uses customer transaction history to gain information on what they respond to and create targeted marketing campaigns to boost conversion.

Engage customers with an Automotive Virtual reality Experience.

Using the latest camera technology, our virtual showroom and 360 vehicle Spin experience allow your customers to get a closer and interactive view to your online showroom. The solution enables your customers to navigate around your showroom and interact with vehicles digitally, transforming your website to an interactive virtual showroom.

Leading Automotive Websites

Our websites are bespoke to the Automotive industry and tailored individually to each customer. With a creative team of 140, using the latest cutting-edge technology, chatbot integration and user-friendly platforms, our websites are no doubtable leaders in the industry. 


Not only are our websites visually outstanding, but they are built to increase customer interaction with the added option of E-commerce, Customer personalization and a Super search module. We equip you with the latest Website technology helping you boost page views, and therefore generate more enquiries. 

Sensus Automotive website image.png

Next Generation retargeting advertisements.

Retargeting is an extremely effective online advertising method that targets bounced-off website traffic and focuses on re-engaging customers via online ads that will persuade them to return to your website. Using our fully interactive ads, it allows shoppers to browse vehicles on other websites they visit and through our intelligent re-targeting, it displays the key vehicles and features the shopper has previously interacted with to promote them returning to your website.