Technology to Digitalise your dealership, help with distant sales and customer engagement.


Showroom Events

Our events technology is solution which manages the marketing and bookings for your showroom event both on-line and instore.


  • Easy integration with any dealer website.

  • Connect with your database for each marketing.

  • Ability to invite any website visitor to your event.

  • Professional and personalized online booking forms.

  • Increase customer booking and track performance.

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For showroom visits, you know your customers will want the peace of mind that they can visit your dealerships safely and that social distancing rules will be adhered to. The Event platform’s online booking system, with spaced appointments, automatic notifications and one-touch dealer control provides all the reassurance that both your customers and your sales teams need to have a truly successful and safe sales event in the current climate.


The system gives your customers the choice of a Video appointment, meaning you can run your whole showroom event online or you can run it as a blended showroom/online event. Providing complete flexibility, total control and peace of mind for your customers and sales team.

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Engage With Customers

Regardless of their location, promoting returning customers


Vehicle Valuation

Our vehicle valuation for used cars empowers dealerships by giving them the vehicle appraisal tools to make data-driven decisions about used cars.


  • Price guidance and analysis.

  • Reduces paperwork

  • eliminate mistakes of manual entry

  • improve productivity

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Our industry-leading data, partnered with proprietary algorithms offer a fully automated, single platform for vehicle appraisal, price guidance and analysis.


The platform supports all mobile and web devices, including Windows, Apple, Android, Web & Smart Watches.

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When the customer opens the link, vital vehicle and business information can appear persuading the customer to interact further, book a test drive, reserve a vehicle and more


Video Sales App

This solution is a personalised video sales tool allowing dealers to connect with their customer through video, at every stage of the customer journey from presales – to aftersales.


The solution is built on a user-friendly app, which allows you to send personalized video to your customers in a professional format regardless of the locations.

What can be sent on the App?

  • Send personal or promotional videos directly to a customer.

  • Can be sent via SMS or WhatsApp.

  • Showcase your business, promotions and vehicles parts.

  • Build relationships regardless of the time or location.

  • Pre-recorded promotional videos.

  • Personalised recorded videos.

  • Event advertisements.

  • Thank you – follow up messages.

  • Sales personal or service center communication .

All customer interaction and video performance can be accessed in the solution admin center.


SMS Feature can be created through the system, allowing for

  • New customer acknowledgement, welcome message.

  • Service reminders and notifications on parts arrival.

  • Account follow up as well as emailing suppliers.

  • Promotional announcements and events.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Increase your customer retention and manufacturer CSI through an integrated CRM module within Titan DMS.


Developing customer campaigns from within Titan DMS enables you to automate your customer experience based on the specific requirements of your dealership and the manufacturer.


Oversee every message being sent or automate it completely for no staff involvement.

The integrated campaign designer allows dealerships to

  • Implement consistent customer service processes across all departments.

  • Send communications direct from within the DMS.

  • Automatically record all forms of contact with the customer.

  • Have a thorough and complete customer history.


Other Showroom Technology?

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