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360 Walkaround

Our 360 walk around solution enable shoppers to explore a vehicle from any angle on a dealer website. Delivering 360° interior and exterior vehicle experiences.


The fastest and easiest way to capture high-quality vehicle photos and generate full-motion 360° view.

Embedded Vehicle Hot Spots

Once embedded onto your VDP page, the technology allows the vehicle to start spinning automatically, enticing visitors to interact with the spin

Vehicle starts spins once page is opened

Visually highlight key vehicle details with clickable callouts. Attach value enhancing OEM collateral, close–up photos, video, etc.

This page contains Iframes for desktop viewing.
Please visit this page on a desktop for optimal viewing and demo experience.

The interior view is obtained using a 360-degree camera connected to the application, enabling a comprehensive 360-degree perspective. Embedded hotspots are strategically placed throughout the interior view to highlight key features.

Vehicle Interior View

About Us

Sensus is a Middle East based company with customers spanning 19 countries and three continents. We are renowned for working with leading technology partners globally. 

Our Technology

Sensus provides the most extensive range of automotive digital products and solutions that improve how you run your dealership, communicate with customers and service vehicles.

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View our latest product brochure! Learn about our technology through the Sensus Digital Dealer Cloud to be equipped for flexible growth, integration, and faster innovation.

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Learn about our technology and solutions through a series of informative articles, statistics and videos showcasing how they can drive your business further.

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