About Us.

Sensus provides products & solutions that digitally enhance the dealership and service center environment both online & in-store.


We offer the largest range of Automotive digital products that improve how you communicate with customers, run your dealership and service vehicles.

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The latest technology, together in one place.

By partnering with renowned automotive technology providers worldwide, Sensus brings together a suite of digital products & solutions that enhance,


Customer experience, Lead generation, Sales conversion, Staff performance and Business management.


Ensuring your business is equipped and ready for the digital era and future digital growth and automotive retailing.

We Are The Official Distributor Of.


Making it easy to manage your entire business from one single log in platform, allowing you access vital data and make informed business decisions.

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Company Reach.

Sensus is based in the Middle east with staff located throughout the MENA region and Asia.


Currently, Sensus has customers spanning across 19 countries, three continents and growing.


Ensuring your business is equipped and ready for the digital era, future digital growth and automotive retailing.

We are Automotive Experts.

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Change Management

Our team understand that when customers are applying new business technology, you need to consider the implementation process, change management, staff training and more. At Sensus, we lead with those factors in mind.

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Our Mission

The Sensus mission is to  provide  our  customers with innovative, proven digital automotive solutions, that integrate and provide seamless connectivity and communication between OEMs, Dealerships, Service centers and their customers. 


The Sensus team has an extensive background in working with some of the biggest names in the technology and automotive sector worldwide.

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