Dealer Management System

Our Dealer management system created for the Automotive industry with over 2 million USD development tailor made specifically for the MENA region. 


Titan DMS is a leading developer and supplier of cloud-based software solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers. Titan’s flagship product (Titan DMS) is a cloud-based Dealer Management System designed for global application. Since 2009, Titan has been adopted by 280+ dealer groups, covering over 45 different automotive brands throughout Australia, Europe, South Africa, Asia, Pacific Islands, and the Middle East. 



Cloud-based (SaaS) 

Delivering a dealer management system through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, Titan DMS provides real time access to all users throughout the entire business, whether that be a small rural showroom, or a multi-site, multi-franchise dealership.


As ongoing upgrades to the Titan system are performed and delivered in an online environment, dealerships benefit from constant system improvements at no cost (and no downtime) automatically.

Mobility solutions

We are the experts when it comes to developing with Mobile technologies. Mobile is not just about turning an existing function in the DMS into something that works on a phone or tablet, it is about taking advantage of the disconnected nature of mobile and providing a customer or user experience that would not otherwise be possible.

OEM integrations

Titan’s manufacturer APIs, or third-party provider APIs, can either extend the functionality within the dealer management system, or provide a greater level of visibility to manufacturers and dealers alike. Working globally with most of the world’s automotive manufacturers in varying levels of complexity, Titan has managed to develop generic interfaces for common requirements that allow working with a new market, or with a new manufacturer more a process of field mapping and formatting rather than redeveloping new integration points.

Visibility across departments

Due to the nature of the SaaS platform, a dealer (or dealer group) utilises the one database across all sites and franchises. This enables one source of information, providing visibility across all departments, including transactions, profitability, parts, vehicles, customers, users, reporting; plus so much more.

" Titan integrates all departments so simply that from a Dealer Principal’s point of view, you can look at any department and get all that information in one place. "

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