Dealer Management System. 

The leading developer and supplier of cloud-based software solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers.

When choosing a Dealer Management System for your business, it is essential to select a DMS built and equipped for constant growth within the industry, a system that allows you to manage your entire business from a single login platform.


Titan DMS is a leading developer and supplier of cloud-based software solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers.

Sensus is the official provider of Titan DMS in the MENA region.


The Titan Dealer Management System is designed for global application and has been adopted by dealerships covering over 45 different automotive brands throughout Australia, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.


Middle East Features

Middle east on map.png

Titan DMS has had additional elements tailored specifically for dealerships in the Middle East. These elements are fundamental to the day-to-day operations of a dealership, removing the need to find inefficient and expensive workarounds.

These developments, which are standard in the core Titan DMS system, increase efficiency and utilization of the system through a number of operational developments and the following solutions.


  • Enter & store data in Arabic

  • Arabic printing available

  • Consumer financing

  • Vehicle rental

  • Vehicle leasing

  • Tools management

  • Service contract management

  • Local currency conversion

It’s the attention to small details that makes a big difference!


Cloud-Based Software

Built on the latest technology stack, Titan DMS' cloud-based system has been specifically designed to evolve with industry changes and advancements in technology.

Delivering a dealer management system through an SaaS model, Titan DMS provides real time access to all users throughout the entire business, whether that be a small showroom, or a multi-site, multi-franchise dealership.


  • Flexible system which is ready to evolve with technology advancements

  • Ongoing upgrades to keep up with industry changes

  • No further cost to system upgrades

  • No downtime for system upgrades

Open Platform

One of the benefits of using the Titan Dealer Management System is that it’s built on an open platform.

By integrating with key third-party suppliers and manufacturers alike, Titan DMS creates a connected dealer environment, consolidating processes to minimise data entry and maximising efficiencies.


Running on a DMS without this technology could impede future growth, and restrict you from unifying other systems in the business. Digital innovation is inevitable, making it vital that the DMS running your dealership is ready to connect with new technology and advancements in the industry.


  • Integrates your online store to your dealership

  • Available to connect to already used systems in your business

Give your business improved efficiency with greater visibility.

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Receive Business Data Anywhere At Any Time

With Dealer Analytics

Dealer Analytics

Using an integrated, cross-department, cloud-based Dealer Management System. Dealer Analytics combines your whole business data in one place. By gathering enormous amounts of data every day, allowing for greater reporting capabilities within the DMS to monitor and manage the business.

In many cases, there is simply too much data for one person or department to analyse, highlighting missed opportunities for process improvement and cost savings.


Dealer Analytics bridges the gap, crunching the numbers within the DMS to provide snapshots of key performance areas across multiple departments and dealerships.


  • Real time data rather than overnight.

  • Live snapshot of your whole business.

  • Drill-down capabilities for actionable intelligence.

  • 'Exception' reporting identifies hidden abnormalities.

  • Access to data in any locations with internet access.

  • Not reliant on staff to put together manual reports.

  • Access data on a desktop or mobile app.

Titan DMS - Analytics.png


Titan Showroom is an integrated sales solution that allows for complete control and visibility of the entire sales process, bringing manufacturer data to life through point-and-click functions.


From the first moment a customer makes contact with the dealership, right through to a signed contract (and beyond), Titan Showroom provides the tools to maximise process efficiencies whilst ensuring a positive customer experience.


  • Single click invoicing to general ledger

  • Automatic production of service repair orders for accessory and pre-delivery work

  • View profitability as deals are built

  • Approval stages built into the sales process

  • Point-and-click windows-based functionality

Titan DMS provides a complete and integrated way for salespeople to control the sales process, produce contracts and manage costs and profitability.

Service Center

Employing a windows-based point-and-click interface, Titan brings the traditional paper-based service center up to speed with the rest of the dealership.


Titan uses innovative design and technology to integrate service with all other departments to maximise efficiency through automated processes.


  • Workshop booking

  • Full costing and processing through to the General Ledger

  • Integration with manufacturers service menus

  • Brings labour, parts and sundry requirements into a point-and-click interface

  • Single-screen technician site overview

  •  (double up) (double up)Management of workshop loading and work identification

  • Point-and-click windows-based functionality

Mobile Service Center

Understanding the value of a mobile society, Titan continues developing mobile solutions to enhance current DMS processes.

Technician Timeclock complements the Titan Clocking system by providing Technicians with a faster, and more personal clocking experience, which can be conducted offsite, or at the work bay.



Regardless of the size of dealership, parts point of sale and inventory management is a high volume, fast moving area that requires streamlined processes and instant visibility.


  • Full pick, pack, receipting and put-away functions can be carried out

  • Uses the latest in hand-held barcode scanning devices when combined with Titan's Parts Barcoding mobile solution

  • Track efficiencies of warehouse pickers and ancillary staff

  • A real-time view of what is happening within your warehouse environment.

Titan provides visibility of the position of every part in your warehouse; is a part in a truck, a stillage, a staging area within the warehouse, or is it on the shelf? All of this can now be monitored and fed back to those who need it, when they need it.


Titan warehousing functions reduce returns through miss-pick, and improve efficiencies through ‘direct to picker’ instructions and mobile label printing.


Titan DMS - Aftersales.png

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