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A Key Factor for Automotive E-Commerce in 2021

E-Commerce has never been more relevant, and as elements of restrictions continue for the foreseeable future, we know that it’s only going to get more important.

Thankfully together with Bluesky, we provide an automotive E-Commerce solution, ready for what’s to come.

So what is a key factor? Flexibility!

“Dealers want flexibility in how they sell their cars”, says Tony Hilton, Head of Operations at Bluesky.

“We know that getting dealership buy-in to online sales relies on the system being able to adapt to varying dealer processes, needs and preferences”.

To this end, the AutoTransact ecommerce platform has flexibility baked in.

From extensive options around dealership transfer and delivery through to the ability to charge different reservation fees based on rules, the platform is designed for dealers who want more than just basic reservations and part exchanges!

AutoTransact is a cost-effective way to bring your website into the 21st Century.

“We deliberately don’t charge per lead for this functionality”, says Tony. “We don’t think dealers should be punished for selling cars online. We need to support online car sales and car dealerships especially in these challenging times.”.

Some key AutoTransact functionality

· Dealer-location level settings to facilitate process across dealer groups and franchises

· Full purchase, finance, reservations and in-built PX

· Fully modular – turn features on and off as needed

· Automated Rules Engine – apply sophisticated rules and criteria as needed to ensure the system works for your needs

Having delivered reservations or sales on over 1.5 million USD worth of vehicles in one month alone, AutoTransact’s performance speaks for itself.



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