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Are you using the right technology from the right provider to digitalise your dealership?

Senus gives dealerships the technology to connect each department of your business online and in-store, giving you a complete view of your entire organization.

World-class automotive software and technology.

Why Sensus?

Our model allows for growth and new technology, welcoming new product lines where needed and constantly aligning customers with digital advancement.

The technology we provide is developed to integrate with your entire business. When paired with our Dealer management system, it creates one central login platform for the whole company, allowing you to access vital business data in real-time in any location.

Integrate with your entire business, allowing you to access vital business data in real-time in any location.

Middle east tailored and localization.

Our dealer management system powered by Titan DMS has been customized to the Middle East market. The investment made to enhance the system focuses on intricate details and a number of operational developments to further increase the efficiency and utilization of the DMS.

More than a technology provider, your partner in digital transformation.

Holistic approach.

It's vital to take a holistic approach when digitalizing your business. It's constantly evolving when it comes to digital, so you must be aware of the latest market trends and technology advancements to ensure you have a competitive advantage.

We assess each touchpoint that connects your organization from pre-sales to aftersales to ensure your online and offline departments connect seamlessly.

Our team understands that when customers apply new business technology, you need to consider the implementation process, change management, staff training, and more. We lead with those factors in mind.



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