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How customer communication preferences are changing in dealerships

The way we buy and sell cars from 2019 to 2022 has significantly changed. Post pandemic life changes have been a focal point for many consumers, reflecting how they approach buying a vehicle.

Millennials aged 25 and 40 years continue to be the leading power buyers, and now their buying styles have altered, wanting a - No pressure, accessible communication environment.

What does that mean, and how does this affect dealerships?

These customer preferences and post-pandemic life changes have meant consumers are more inclined to be influenced by businesses who create a personal feel that reflect their values.

Having an online presence is a key start to meeting these expectations, allowing customers to browse and purchase when it suits them, enhancing their sense of control. "Putting the power in the purchaser's hands".

Data shows that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic nearly 6 in 10 working-age internet users (58.4 percent) now buy something online every week, with that figure continuing to rise. (

Online Vehicle buying is on the rise!

Simplicity on your dealer website

Creating an online presence is a start, but with consumers being spoilt for choice, customers now have the opportunity to visit your online dealership, research the market, compare vehicles and pricing before they even step into your showroom.

Is your dealership representing you online effectively?
Data show that internet users have grown by 192 million (+4.0 percent) over the past year.(

Your dealer website is one of your most vital sales tools! Making it essential to ensure it is built to handle the majority of a customer's vehicle purchase journey.

How to stand out online

Limiting yourself online and using outdated standardised technology ultimately gives your competitors an advantage.

So what encourages purchasing or booking a test drive? Advanced automotive online tools such as superseach or website personalisation allow you to create a targeted customer-centric approach.

These tools built specifically for car dealers ensures not only can they browse vehicles faster than other websites but also tailors the search to their interest..

Your online success is "In the hands of the user." Ensure your website is built for success!

Modern Technology is essential, and without this, you will fall behind.

Using technology to enhance the customer journey and create a transparent and seamless experience is vital in future retailing. Allowing consumers to get the look and feel of vehicles online without any human interaction will enable you to create a 24/7 dealership that never closes.

Is your website visually interactive? Tools such and Vehicle spin and retargeting marketing ensures your website is running at high performance when a customer chooses to visit regardless of the time.

A Dealership that's connected and understand their customers.

Although online presence is now at the core of retailing into the future, nothing can entirely replace face-to-face interaction. The difference now, though, is the physical dealer needs to align with your online presence to create a seamless journey for the customer, ensuring they feel in control.

Creating a connected Omnichannel approach enhances customer satisfaction removing room for error.

Your physical dealership needs to be ready for the customer, so ensuring you sales team are aligned with your online showroom is key.

In summary, implementing technology to improve customer satisfaction and retention is only one step out of many.

A customer focused experience isn't a one time fix, and the approach should be ongoing and open for growth. Dealers who holistically attack digital transformation allows their business to grow, and by aligning with automotive technology experts, you position your business to be in line with customer preferences constantly.

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