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How digital technology can drive productivity in your Service Center

Introducing digital technology into your service center has become a significant growth factor, with customers increasingly expecting digital communication.

As businesses invest in technology, it’s important to analyze if these products successfully drive productivity and improve retention and customer satisfaction, leading to more significant upsell opportunities.

So, what technology drives productivity?

Eliminating downtime

Using an Electronic Vehicle Health Check EVHC paired with a modern Dealer Management System DMS eliminates the downtime associated with a standard paper-based vehicle check process.

An EVHC solution offers businesses a streamlined process with transparent customer communication from start to finish and even follow up.

With standardized checklists and automated process flows, productivity and ROI are at the heart of the approach.

Using an Automated Process

An automated process is key to enhancing productivity.

Historically, technicians will write their findings on a call-up sheet, spending time waiting for the Parts Advisor to give the prices and availability (assuming the Advisor is immediately available).

To then walking to the team leader or workshop manager and back to their ramp.

No time is tracked, technicians are away from their ramps, and all additional communication points consume valuable time.

The solution? Using an EVHC eliminates this waste of time and lack of accountability.

All technician comments and findings are captured in the system before being transferred for pricing and availability to the parts department.

The pricing and labour lines are pushed back to the DMS, which eliminates double keying. autoVHC will even eliminate the need for Service Advisors to call customers with the easy-to-use customer email and approval portal.

This technology focuses on keeping technicians on track! As any time away from their ramp is impacting productivity and ultimately profitability.

Reporting and scheduling your technicians

Using a modern DMS in your service center with advanced business intelligence reporting capabilities, allows you to accurately measure and display KPIs.

The system enables great business decisions based on easy to interpret dashboards with on-the-go smartphone-optimized reporting.

Are you utilizing your Technician’s skill sets and talents to their utmost potential?

Titan DMS and workshop planning tools help you distribute the available work to who is available and has the best performance on that specific task.

Finding your time stealers

The aim of an EVHC is to gain authorization from the customer whilst the Technician is still working on the vehicle.

It is all about timing!

There is no greater time stealer than putting the wheels back on a vehicle and taking it off the ramp because the call-up sheet is pending on a Service Advisors desk (and not clearly visible in a system) that provides notifications and alerts to ensure nothing is missed.

Through both autoVHC and TitanDMS you can track cycle times and key to key Turn Around Times (TAT).

With the innovative reporting suites, you can identify choke points in the process and react in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Another critical tool is a workshop planning system which allows you to plan efficiently and follow product aspects such as loading a diary with the right mix of work.

Understanding not just how much time we have to sell but the right mix of work.

As service centers improve their digital presence, we encourage businesses to also factor in the productivity element and asses how each product will drive performance and ultimately drive upsell opportunities.

Learn more about autovhc & Titan DMS



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