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Learn about the type of shoppers on your dealer website & the technology to convert them into sales.

Understanding the different types of shoppers is the key to building a successful online retailing experience that encourages a purchase.

95% of vehicle buyers using digital as a source of information - Google consumer insights

The digital experience with your dealership is now just as important as the vehicle's specification to a shopper. Hence, dealers need to shift how they approach the sales process to align with these expectations.

The Informed shopper

Over the recent years, online transformation within the industry has meant that consumers are spoilt for choice, allowing them to control the buying process. The ability to compare, research and learn about a vehicle is easily in reach, resulting in high expectations when choosing what dealership to make the final purchase.

Dealerships need to be equipt with advanced retail and marketing technology to have a competitive advantage.

Technology such as AI lead retargeting paired with a modern website creating a seamless browsing journey allows you to capture and recapture potential buyers early in their purchasing journey.

Retargeting technology focuses on high intend buyers, making it one of the most successful lead generation tools in the market.

The loyal shopper

These types of shoppers are common in high ticket priced industries, making them prime shoppers for dealerships.

These shoppers focus on feeling exclusive and unique. For your loyal customers, it's all about the experience, building trust and engaging with them frequently is key.

75% of consumers say they favour companies that offer rewards, and Over 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it has a good loyalty program.

When marketing to these consumers, dealers need to use a range of technology to create the ideal experience for the loyal shopper.

A dealer app is becoming standard in the market, which showcases your vehicles and promotions and allows the shopper to become familiar with the app and have it tailored to them with named logins.

This paired with a loyalty rewards program and personal approach marketing such as dealer events technology, creates a unique and targeted approach to digitall retaining existing customers.

The Convenience Shopper

One of the primary things consumers find convenient is the ability to browse an online store and check out as a guest. In addition, the fewer forms consumers have to complete — the more convenient and better they find their overall customer buying journey (and the more likely they are to return).

76% of consumers value convenience as one of their top priorities. (And 78% of consumers now value convenience more than they did before COVID restrictions. - Linnworks' study

Your online dealership must be equipped with modern E-commerce technology to create a seamless buying experience. One minor glitch or inconvenience can result in a shopper switching to another dealer site.

Your dealer website and E-commerce technology should reflect these expectations. Using technology equipped for growth and customer changes allows you to evolve with the transitions constantly.

Convert your dealer website visitors into sales.

More users are starting their research online versus at a dealer every day, but all of this information that shoppers are gathering online isn't just helping shape their decision, It's to drive them into your dealership ultimately.

So when you're looking to reach potential shoppers and retain existing customers effectively, you need to use technology that caters to their individual preferences and values.

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