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Tips on technology that can drive sales in your dealership

Over the recent years, consumers have placed exceptional demand on the E-commerce marketplace, shifting from previously purchasing in-person to relying on online alternatives.

Subsequently, the digital experience with your dealership is just as important as the vehicle's specification to a shopper.

Hence, dealers need to shift how they approach the sales process to align with these expectations.

Intelligent Customer-Generator

The ability to compare, research and learn about a vehicle is easily in reach to shoppers, resulting in wide range of options when choosing what dealership to make the final purchase with.

It is safe to say there can be a constant stream of visitors to your website but what happens when a shopper leaves your website?

Technology such as "Lead retargeting" allows you to capture and recapture potential shoppers early in their purchasing journey.

Using AI, the technology works in the background to bring shoppers back to your website while educating dealers on the potential customer's interests.

Dealer Review Technology

Research shows that more than 80% of prospective buyers read several customer reviews before they begin to trust a dealership.

Getting feedback from customers can sometimes be challenging. Making it easy and simple is critical.

Using "video app technology" is a simple and engaging way to get an increase in reviews. By using a simple and engaging video module, with personalized links can be sent directly to customers.

Customer experience is now a driving factor in vehicle sales. While catering to customer satisfaction, you can promote a review using mobile-optimized communication while customers are in high spirits from their new vehicle purchase.

Timing is key!

Engaging Dealer Website Technology

One of the primary things consumers find appealing when browsing online is to click through VDP'S seamlessly and easily access and view the information they are after effortlessly.

Using "360 vehicle display technology" allows a shopper to view vehicles from every angle. Allowing the shopper to see exactly what they want to see while being educated on the specifications - Promoting control and ease.

A Powerful Video App

Video technology allows dealers to explain the most complex parts of buying a car without resorting to email or text messaging communication.

With face to face communication being a key component in a car salesperson's role, it makes it the obvious choice to equip the team with technology that aligns with their comfort zone.

Car shoppers ranked video as the second-best alternative to a dealer visit, after an at-home test drive. - Global auto pulse

The video app allows dealers to create seamless, hyper-personalized videos and send the content directly to customers in an engaging format. Dealers can digitally and remotely track customer interaction and be enabled to get more insights into potential buyers.

When dealers consider tips to keep up with technology advancements, it's essential to focus on every aspect of the customer journey and not solely rely on one steam of digitalization.

Click here to learn more about the technology mentioned above and tips on what technology can enhance your dealership.



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