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Why autoVHC is the leading EVHC in the market

autoVHC helps technicians to quickly and efficiently identify and categorise any additional work required through a clear eVHC process.

Performance Dashboard

"What gets measured, gets done".

autoVHC puts you in control of the key performance indicators that drive your business.

Set targets for electronic vehicle health check completion rates, expected identification values, and the sales performance of your service advisors.

Technician Mobile Ap

Avoid the frustration and delay of a poor Wi-Fi connection. Our native app allows technicians to work on or offline while recording the VHC data.

Fully integrated video and photo functionality with online authorization portal

Add photo and video to your electronic vehicle health checks, without the inconvenience of running two systems.

autoVHC is fully Integrated with our Technical Animations platform, containing over 450 service and repair animations that get the message across in a simple, engaging, and effective way.

Enhanced parts and labour pricing functionality

autoVHC streamlines the pricing process and delivers greater transparency for customers.

The workflow and reporting functionalities give an easy-to-understand and fully costed summary of further items identified in the VHC that require rectification.

Available in multiple languages - Including , Arabic, Thai, Mongolian, Chinese and Vietnamese

Compatible with iOS, Windows and Android operating systems and fully integrated with the leading DMS providers in the market.

To learn more about our technology and get a complete view of our technology suite, click here.



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