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Empowering Dealers With The Power of AI

The industry’s most effective lead generation solutions

Data-driven – Personalized – Performance based technology

Our AI-powered technology and Software intelligently can integrate with your dealer website, showroom and service center systems to identify High-intent buyers and new leads to increase your customer database.

The module combines shopper intelligence with your inventory feed to be able to construct the most relevant ads for the shopper – so the ads are not just flat, static ads about your dealership, but are personalized to the shopper and include inventory level information which is proven to be more effective at bringing shoppers back.

Using statistical analysis and algorithmic data enables dealers to execute a higher conversion rate on the standardised forms of customer interaction tools. 

Intelligent retargeting helps you get the right vehicle in front of the shopper whenever they are ready to buy. The personalized ads display the VIN, prices and features of the car.

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Your business can appear on thousands of websites. Get business exposure to 95% of the internet and APPS.

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How do convert a potential customer who has visited then left your dealer website?

The intelligent technology imbeds into your dealer website to identify customers most likely to convert. 

It knows what a visitor is doing on your sites, such as the price imputed in search, colour filtered and mileage.


Using hyper-personalized ads - if a visitor  leave your website, it retargets them with interactive ads on other websites wherever they browse the internet, for example, news sites and sports sites.

Dealership and Vehicle specific technology

Targets high intent buyers with custom ads

Pay only if the ad its clicked on

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Increase Service Visits and Promotions

Our AI Lead generation tool allows service centers to use AI online advertising to drive service visits and promotions. 


Using an intelligent algorithm, it targets users who display similar behaviours on the internet to your business services. This promotes previous customers and new ones to be persuaded to visit your service website.

Your services appear on thousands of websites

Pay only if the ad its clicked on

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Service AI

Generate more service appointments, increase customer loyalty and improve operational productivity

Service AI provides a cost-effective, fully-automated communication platform that enables dealers to drive more service appointments. By continuously mining vehicle purchase and service records, Service AI targets prospective customers at key points throughout the ownership lifecycle. And with hyper-personalized messages, you’ll see higher response rates than with any other conversational AI solution available today.

Vehicle sellers need to adapt their service outreach strategy to today’s on-the-go consumer: that’s why Service AI leverages email communications, along with data-driven response optimization algorithms, to deliver the industry’s highest shopper engagement rates — all while keeping consumer data safe and secure. Impel maintains a steadfast commitment to respecting consumer privacy and adhering to all state and federal communication regulations.


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Dealer Management System

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Digital Retailing Technology

Digital Service Center

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