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Our Product Offering Powered By Impel

Impel are leaders in digital engagement, specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), marketplaces, and auto dealers. With their cutting-edge technology, they harness proprietary shopper behavioral data and AI to create personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey, utilizing various channels. 


To date, Impel has facilitated over 5 billion shopper interactions, playing a significant role in influencing nearly $2 billion in vehicle sales and service transactions. Demonstrating their commitment to growth, Impel secured a substantial $104 million investment in 2022, aimed at expanding and enhancing their product offerings. 


In the Middle East, Sensus holds the exclusive distributorship rights for Impel's software.

Vehicle Merchandising Software

The demo may take a few seconds to load...

The vehicle Merchandising solution offers 360° interior and exterior vehicle views, allowing users to explore every aspect of a vehicle from various angles. This platform enables personalized exploration, ensuring that shoppers can delve into specific features and details that interest them.

The demo display, showcases how the software can be displayed on your VPD page.


Click and drag to experience the vehicle exterior, use  interior view to explore the vehicle's inside and click green hotspots to view vehicle ventures.

Sensus - Background removal by Impel .png

Automated Background Removal

The automated background removal software is an add-on feature of the vehicle merchandising solution

The software automatically removes and replaces car backgrounds, eliminating the need for manual editing or additional effort on the dealer's part. This streamlines the process and saves valuable time, allowing dealerships to focus on other crucial aspects of their business.


The software's seamless integration ensures that every image is automatically updated with the background edits at the time of image upload. There is no need for user intervention or process changes, making it a fully-integrated car background remover and editing platform. This simplicity and efficiency make it an instant upgrade for any dealership's digital showroom.

AI Lead Generation

Our AI-powered technology and Software intelligently can integrate with your dealer website, showroom and service center systems to identify High-intent buyers and new leads to increase your customer database. 


Using hyper-personalized ads - if a visitor  leave your website, it retargets them with interactive ads on other websites wherever they browse the internet, for example, news sites and sports sites.

Increase vehicle page views by 40%

Sensus EVHC_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Service AI Chat.png

Service AI

Service AI provides a cost-effective, fully-automated communication platform that enables dealers to drive more service appointments. By continuously mining vehicle purchase and service records, Service AI targets prospective customers at key points throughout the ownership lifecycle. And with hyper-personalized messages, you’ll see higher response rates than with any other conversational AI solution available today.

Vehicle sellers need to adapt their service outreach strategy to today’s on-the-go consumer: that’s why Service AI leverages email communications, along with data-driven response optimization algorithms, to deliver the industry’s highest shopper engagement rates — all while keeping consumer data safe and secure. Impel maintains a steadfast commitment to respecting consumer privacy and adhering to all state and federal communication regulations.

Generate more service appointments, increase customer loyalty and improve operational productivity

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About Us

Sensus is a Middle East based company with customers spanning 19 countries and three continents. We are renowned for working with leading technology partners globally. 

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Sensus provides the most extensive range of automotive digital products and solutions that improve how you run your dealership, communicate with customers and service vehicles.

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