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Animation technology that’s increasing service and repair opportunities.

Building trust is essential for growing and retaining a loyal customer base. This can be challenging, especially with today's trend of messaging instead of speaking to a customer.

So how do you show your customers that you have their best interest in mind?

Furthermore, vehicles are becoming increasingly complex, and customers are becoming less familiar with how their vehicle works. How do you effectively explain repairs?

Our technical animation technology is the solution to these challenges and more.

Technical animations, used by thousands of dealers worldwide.

Service advisors can find explaining vehicle repairs to customers difficult due to the technical aspect, especially when the customer has left the workshop and has to be contacted via telephone to get approval for essential repairs.

The result in customers failing to understand the technical language can result in a loss in service and repair revenue opportunities.

Our technical animations solution is a cloud-based product containing over 450 service and repair animations that get the message across in a simple, engaging and effective way.

Increase service and repair opportunities

The service advisor can show how each part of the car works by visually demonstrating what might happen if the issue being explained is not attended to, Promoting upsell opportunities that are typically difficult to explain via text alone.

Using animations build trust with the customer, who can easily see for themselves what is being explained and why they should proceed with the service.

60% of customers booked an appointment after watching a technical animation. - From a customer study over four months, 60% of customers would not have booked the additional work without receiving their follow-up email, which included a technical animation.

Continuous access to the latest technical animations allow you to email or SMS narrated video links to customers and embed custom animations on your business websites.

You have continuous access to all the newest animation content as soon as it is created.

Integrate with your Electronic Vehcile Health Check

Using an Electronic Vehicle health check is becoming an industry standard for service departments. autoVHC from Snap-on Improves workshop efficiency and profitability, helping technicians identify additional repair issues.

The autoVHC product allows you to generate a complete vehicle inspection report to send to the customer in an easy to understand format.

Integrating Technical Animations with autoVHC makes the acceptance process of the quotation easier. Customers can view the Vehicle health report and service recommendations through an online authorization portal.

Click here to learn more about the technical animations and autoVHC

View product brochure, click here.



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