• Sensus

Automotive Virtual Showrooms

Engage customers with an Automotive Virtual reality Experience.

Our Virtual showroom technology creates an interactive, virtual online experience, enabling your customers to navigate around your showroom, browse cars, read vehicle information, book a test drive and purchase online.

We use the latest camera technology and imagery editing, to turn your showroom into an accurate digital twin online.


Our virtual tours are paired with our 360-video spin solution, which allows you to take your customers even further into the virtual experience. Spin360 puts the customer in the driver’s seat, enabling the viewer to get a full 360 view inside the vehicle. The customer can click through vehicle images, product specifications and browse details.


The technology easily imbeds into dealer websites, with the option to integrate your purchasing platform so the customer can quote, reserve and purchase the car entirely online.

It’s the competitive advantage that thousands of dealers worldwide use to keep shoppers on their site longer.

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