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How to keep customers engaged on your dealer website

With a competitive market, its vital your dealer website is engaging, easy to navigate and meets your customers expectations.

It is vital when creating an engaging website to not look at a one solution fix but work with a partner who can provide and combine all the latest online technology that works harmoniously with your business and physical showroom.

Make it easy for your customer to find what they are looking for.

Our keyword-led mobile-optimised search solution gives your customers more search options.

With Instant at-your-fingertips keyword search, SuperSearch aims to help you get more details page views - and therefore generate even more enquiries.

Create a twin of your physical showroom online

Our Virtual showroom technology creates an interactive, virtual online experience.

Enabling your customers to navigate around your showroom, browse cars, read vehicle information, book a test drive and purchase online.

Put customers in the driver’s seat with a Virtual Reality Experience.

Our vehicle spin solution, enable shoppers to explore a vehicle from any angle. Delivering 360° interior and exterior vehicle experienceson your dealer website.

The solution is the Patent holder for 360° digital vehicle presentation, with platform integration of over 50 website providers.

Imbed customer website personalisation

Statistics show that personalising websites to be dealer-specific can generate hundreds of extra leads.

Our industry-leading personaltion module allows you to track user activity intelligently and segments their behaviors.

It will enable you to target website visitors with personalised vehicle content, making it relevant and more personal, leading to significantly higher leads.

A custom website that suits your brand

Each of our dealer websites are treated uniquely and custom-built

No templated sites that mirrors competitors.

We allow customers to manage their website, Giving you control you’re your website through being able to edit flat pages, such as text, videos and pictures at any time.

A flexible E-commerce platform

We provide extensive options around dealership transfer and delivery through to the ability to charge different reservation fees based on rules.

The platform is designed for dealers who want more than just basic reservations and part exchanges.

· Dealer-location level settings to facilitate process across dealer groups and franchises

· Full purchase, finance, reservations and in-built PX

· Fully modular – turn features on and off as needed

· Automated Rules Engine – apply sophisticated rules and criteria as needed to ensure the system works for your needs

Build your dealer website using technology that allows industry advancements and growth.

Customer preferences are constantly evolving, so it is vital your website is built on a platform ready for technology advancements that align with customer expectations

Our Dealer websites are built by the UK's leading digital automotive website provider. They have been at the forefront of creating bespoke dealer websites for nearly 20 years.



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