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Dealership Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2023

The Gen-Z Powerhouse

As more Gen-Zs enter the workforce, they are becoming an economic powerhouse within the next decade. Generation Z comprises those born mid-to-late 1990s and the early 2010s, roughly now aged between 13 to 25.

More and more car buyers are coming from this demographic, and having grown up with online platforms, they are digital natives and avid online content consumers.

Your selling approach needs to meet the millennial mindset. Automotive retailing today serves audiences immersed in technology and intelligent devices, and they expect an enjoyable and seamless experience.

Simplified processes and improved experience are projected to increase car sales by 25%

Advanced online presence

Majority of the car purchasing journey starts through online searches, where buyers in 2023 expect an easy and seamless experience throughout the research journey.

Where dealers need to focus is if their dealer website is competitively positioned and if their online showroom effectively promotes their image and product offering.

Over 99% of the UAE population are now internet users in 2022

Before a potential buyer even considers visiting your showroom, they are at the "Competitor Comparison" stage, making it vital that the technology you are using allows you to create a personalized experience that's flexible enough to personalize each car-buying experience.

Technology that can accommodate this is our:

Vehicle spin technology: Creating a 360° interior and exterior view of your vehicles online.

Website customization: Allowing you to adapt what the customer sees on your website according to their specific vehicle interests.

AI Lead generation: That identifies High-intent buyers and new leads to increase your customer database.

DMS (Dealer Management System)

Running a successful dealership can be an intricate task. Ensuring multiple business areas align and work seamlessly together makes it vital to use a system that can handle your business preferences, industry advancement and customer preferences.

Our leading product, Titan DMS, brings a Dealer Management System tailored to the MENA region through a SaaS model. The system empowers dealers with a suite of tools to manage their business effectively, eliminating the restrictions around unifying other systems within your business and removing double entries and multiple systems to create a connected dealer environment.

Automotive focused CRM

Out of all automotive industry trends, a CRM implementation is vital. The importance of an automotive-focused CRM is that it not only helps you manage the entire dealership with ease but also helps you market it.

Using a technologically advanced CRM built for the automotive industry enables dealers to track prospects, manage potential leads effectively and capture high intended buyers early in the buying process.

Our CRM powered by Eskimo, one of the the leading in lead management provider, allows dealers to instantly acquire customers as soon as they enquire about a vehicle. Its automated approach intelligently works in the background as workflows work tirelessly to ensure you convert as many opportunities into leads as possible.

In addition to its advanced technology, the Eskimo CRM system has been tailored to the Middle East region.

Its WhatsApp and Facebook messenger integration empowers dealers to align key communication portals to their dealership's management system.

Mobile-first Experience

Smartphones are a driving force when it comes to consumer online interaction. Your online showroom visual and technology experience must match your desktop view.

Digital car market trends show that over 40% of mobile-first users purchase their car within the first three months of searching. This is why having a good mobile interface for your website is crucial.

Your dealer website should present a readable, accessible experience allowing easy Call-To-Action (CTA).

Car dealerships can no longer focus purely on price competition, as it has become increasingly important to compete at the customer experience level.

58.51% of UAE internet consumption is through mobile.

Incorporating new technology into your business can be a complex process; therefore, working with a cutting-edge technology provider in the field of dealer software solutions is essential.

As you consider these dealership technology trends for 2023, we encourage you to take a holistic approach and assess how you can incorporate these trends and technology within your dealership to enhance your business further.

To learn more about our technology and get a complete view of our technology suite, click here.



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