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Dubizzle go live with Sensus leading online interactive solution, 360˚ Vehicle WalkAround"

We are delighted to have Dubizzle go live with our leading online interactive solution, "360˚ Vehicle WalkAround". has become the number one platform for users to buy, sell, or find anything in their community.

The company is now incorporating 360˚ imaging technology powered by Impel as a core part of its Dubizzle Pro business, leveraging best-in-class digital merchandising to enhance the online customer experience. Virtual vehicle tours bring greater transparency to the car shopping process by enabling consumers to explore essential aspects of a vehicle directly from their laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Together with Impel, we bring 360˚ WalkAround technology to the MENA region, putting shoppers in the driver’s seat, and transforming online browsing into a fully self-controlled, interactive experience they’ll never forget.

“Enhanced digital showrooms powered by exceptional digital merchandising technology are critical for dealer success in today’s era of always-on, connected shoppers. Impel’s 360˚ WalkAround solution has proven in market to increase engagement and conversion rates as much as 30%, with an up to 34% lift in inventory turnover rates.

Through our partnership with Sensus, this exciting new integration with Dubizzle provides even more auto retailers in the UAE with access to interactive digital engagement solutions that optimize the shopping journey.”

- Ben Cooper, Managing Director of International Business Impel

360° Interior and Exterior Spins

By enabling consumers to rotate, tilt, pan, or zoom in on high resolution videos of a vehicle’s exterior and interior, as well as click on hotspots to view vehicle features and close-up images.

prospective buyers can experience a personalized exploration of every aspect of a vehicle from every angle.

The technology incorporates computer vision algorithms to ensure image clarity and focus and provides background blur options, auto-focus, exposure, colour and flash controls for professional-level photography.

In under 5 minutes, an average user can create 360° interior and exterior spins, including live videos. This is 3-4 times faster than other photo methods. It’s the competitive advantage that thousands of dealers worldwide use to keep shoppers on their site longer.

To learn more about our 360˚ WalkAround solution, Click here



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