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Sensus Launches Dealer Robots

Our newest addition to join the Sensus technology stack is our Dealer robots. The state-of-the-art technology is already in use globally with major OEM brands and rapidly expanding.

The robot technology's performs several tasks, from providing product information, guiding customers to vehicles, marketing and beverage delivery simultaneously. They deliver a state-of-the-art customer experience in multiple complex scenarios.

In-store Marketing

The robots create a walking AD display. Its 18'LCD screen can display customized ads to customers as they enter the dealership and throughout their visit while strolling in-store.

Greeting and Customer Navigation.

The robot can lead customers to vehicles with its autonomous path planning.

Customers may search for a vehicle, and the robot will guide them directly to their desired location. It provides improved customer experience, avoiding missed opportunities and an enhanced customer experience.

Beverage and Pamphlet Delivery

Featuring removable trays and a rear cover, through easy deployment, the robot allows you to remotely deploy it to a location with beverages, dealership and vehcile pamphlets.

The high-quality suspension and the latest shock-absorbing technology allow greater stability of the robot's delivery.

Our robots have received CE certification from the EU, FCC certification from USA, RCM certification from Australia, MIC/TELEC certification from Japan and many other certifications both domestically and abroad to ensure the safety and compliance of our robots.

Visit us at Automechanika Dubai for a live Demo.



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