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The advanced Automotive CRM & Virtual phone system helping dealers convert and manage leads.

Using a technologically advanced CRM built for the automotive industry enables dealers to track prospects, manage potential leads effectively and capture high intended buyers early in the buying process.

With today's consumers expecting a seamless research and buying journey, it's essential to equip your dealership and sales team with the right technology to meet customer expectations and a tailored sales approach.

A seamless and effective lead management system!

Our CRM powered by Eskimo are leaders in lead management, allowing dealers to instantly acquire customers as soon as they enquire about a vehicle. Its automated approach intelligently works in the background as workflows work tirelessly to ensure you convert as many opportunities into leads as possible.

Get a 360-degree view of your business processes.

Our CRM integrates with our virtual phone system powered by Callgear. The system makes your call processes smooth and transparent. With real-time analytics, you can track call activity, service quality, and your agents' performance to make smart data-driven decisions.

The auto callback feature ensures that you never miss a call again. Any customer whose call is not immediately received, will be automatically called back at the time chosen by the caller.

When paired, the systems make updating and staying connected with your leads easy. With one click, with the option to send correspondence to a customer or update their progress. From this, you can also schedule callbacks and appointments.

A Middle East Tailored

In addition to its advanced technology, the systems have been tailored to the Middle East region.

The CRM's Whatsapp and Facebook messenger integration empowers dealers to align key communication portals to their dealership's management system.

Moreover, the quotations portal creates a precise and custom approach for the market and reporting around add-on penetration ( Ie. Smart Insurance, Paint Protection etc)

Informed Reporting System

The analytics tools help analyze incoming calls and requests displayed on an easy-to-use dashboard. Each dealership can choose how it distributes its leads to its sales team, and with its reporting module, the system allows you to gain accurate insights into how your sales team handles their leads.

The sales manager section offers a quick overview of your lead acquisition and conversion rate, with performance reports of individual lead sources and salespeople.

To learn more about our technology and get a complete view of our technology suite, click here.



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