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Automated Vehicle Background Removal Software

Enhancing the Presentation of Dealership Inventory

In today's digital age, visual appeal plays a crucial role in attracting customers and making a lasting impression. For automotive dealerships, presenting inventory with clean, consistent, and professional-looking images is essential. This is where automated background removal software comes in, offering a turnkey solution to eliminate background clutter and enhance the presentation of vehicles.

Powered by an adaptive computer vision algorithm, this fully automated background removal software provides dealers with a quick and easy way to remove visual distractions from vehicle images. By eliminating photo clutter, this feature establishes visual consistency across your website, creating a more appealing and professional presentation for potential buyers.

Efficiently Streamline Your Online Vehicle Imaging Processes

The software automatically removes and replaces car backgrounds, eliminating the need for manual editing or additional effort on the dealer's part. This streamlines the process and saves valuable time, allowing dealerships to focus on other crucial aspects of their business.

The software's seamless integration ensures that every image is automatically updated with the background edits at the time of image upload. There is no need for user intervention or process changes, making it a fully-integrated car background remover and editing platform. This simplicity and efficiency make it an instant upgrade for any dealership's digital showroom.

Unlike traditional photo editing services that require manual intervention and delays, this automated background removal solution instantly updates image backgrounds without any user involvement. Additionally, through direct integrations with leading auto marketplaces, the enhanced SRP images are automatically applied wherever the dealership's inventory is listed. This ensures a consistent brand experience for shoppers browsing on third-party sites.

Furthermore, it enables dealerships to comply with OEM-mandated imaging standards effortlessly.

Advanced background removal

One of the primary benefits of this software is its ability to maintain authenticity in vehicle images.

With misleading backgrounds removed, potential buyers can accurately assess the condition of vehicles without any distractions or misrepresentations. This level of transparency helps build trust and confidence among customers.

The advanced background removal option provides additional flexibility to showcase vehicles. Users can choose between 8 to 12 exterior images with background removal, which can be viewed in a 360-degree spin. By inserting their dealership's background, dealers can maintain a consistent and branded display across their inventory.

Create interior and exterior vehicle views

The automated background removal software is an add-on feature of the vehicle merchandising solution, powered by Impel, a leading company in digital engagement. Impel specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), marketplaces, and auto dealers.

The vehicle merchandising solution offers 360° interior and exterior vehicle views, allowing users to explore every aspect of a vehicle from various angles. This platform enables personalized exploration, ensuring that shoppers can delve into specific features and details that interest them.

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