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How new automotive technology can drive productivity in your dealership

When we assess the importance of introducing digital technology into dealerships, we need to consider how much productivity the technology is driving and if it enhances the ‘path to purchase’.

Are you providing a consistent experience across all channels, both online and offline?

The path to purchase is a traditional shopping concept that has evolved significantly over the past decade due to advances in the internet, digital innovation and the subsequent rise of online shopping based upon how consumers interact with their favourite brands or explore new ones.

Traditionally linear, the purchase path has become more of a cycle where consumers move through back and forth between the stages, influenced by both online and offline factors at every stage.

In a 2020 report, it found that the number of companies investing in the omni-channel experience has jumped from 20% to more than 80% due to consumer changes.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. It is important to know your consumer and create an enjoyable digital experience.

Millennials continue to hold strong buying power in the middle east.

Over 60% of millennials use their phone to research about the product or service they’re interested in.

In other words, they want to drive their buying decisions rather than have someone sell to them, making it vital to provide that same level of service on your dealer website as you do in-store.

Productivity for dealerships starts with digital marketing and creating a digital consumer-ready website.

Using super search and retargeting tools to track a customer's interest on your dealer website and report what they search for most. This allows the sales team to gauge hot leads and their specific vehicle interest before their showroom visit.

When researching online, 46% of car shoppers use multiple devices highlighting the importance for Website optimization as well as using engagement tools such as 360 spin which are compatible on multiple devices.

Using the correct digital tools before a customer enters your showroom, enables the dealership to focus on high intent buyers and move straight to test drives and closing deals.

A CRM that ensures no customers are missed.

It's standard practice to use a CRM in the dealership but are you using a system that is driving productivity?

Using Titan CRM through the titan DMS means every interaction with each customer can be measured throughout their complete buying journey. The CRM system ensures the customer is contacted at every stage through automatic tools enabling the Sales team to capture leads effectively.

Productivity that Increases Revenue in Dealerships

Traditionally when buying a vehicle after receiving the initial “sticker price”, a salesman finds it challenging to persuade a customer to add extra costed features. These upsell opportunities are in many cases missed in fear of scaring off the customer.

52% of car shoppers feel anxious or uncomfortable at dealerships. Millennials lead the pack in their dislike. Among millennial women, 62% feel pressured to buy right away.

Using the single click invoicing system from Titan DMS eliminates the pressure of customer upselling.

When quoting, the system by default can include items such as extended warranty, paint protection, and accessories. Eliminating the manual work and reliance on the salesman to build into the invoice.

When choosing technology in your dealership, consider how they increase productivity and ease of interaction for both the customer and your teams. With the correct automotive technology your dealership can provide customers with a seamless buying journey tailored to their interest.



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