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Is your Dealership ready for modern retailing and the digital customer?

As we enter the era of Automotive digital transformation, many dealers are now well on their way to creating a business for today's modern customer.

It's now apparent that if you aren't digitally ready, then you will fall behind in the market, making it vital to welcome the influx of automotive technology and advancements.

Sensus continues to welcome and introduce these advancements in the Middle East by partnering with renowned technology leaders in its field.

We are creating ways to introduce these advancements and make substantial improvements within the dealer environment.

One of the elements to consider when transitioning to digital is if your dealer website is built with the right technology. Does your website have the technology to allow industry advancements and growth?

Our Dealer websites are built by the UK's leading digital automotive website provider. They have worked in the motor trade exclusively since 2002 and have been at the forefront of creating bespoke dealer websites for nearly 20 years.

With that said, we believe you need more than experience. Which why our website technology continues to evolve and release elements to enhance customer engagement and interaction.

One of these advancements is the customer website personalisation module.

This industry-leading module allows you to track user activity intelligently and segments their behaviors. It will enable you to target website visitors with personalised content, making it relevant and more personal – leading to significantly higher leads.

Along with this tool, our websites are built with a custom approach. Each dealer website is treated uniquely and custom-built, meaning you avoid a templated site that mirrors competitors.

With your dealer website being a vital part of your digital transformation, integration needs to be heavily considered. Does your online store work seamlessly with your physical store? does each department across your business talk to each other?

What tools are needed to create this approach?

Ensuring your business is run with a modern dealer management system can be the leading factor that provides a connected Omnichannel experience.

Our DMS, powered by Titan uses only the latest technologies available. Ensuring that our solutions are not just the most functional in the market but also the most robust.

Using the latest tools also ensures that the investment made into a DMS with Sensus is appropriate for today's dealerships and long into the future.

There are many more elements to digital transformation across dealerships, and this is why we offer a wide range of solutions that connect each stage of the customer and business journey.

Sensus is not just a technology provider by a partner in digital transformation. We have a team purely dedicated to the implementation and after service process.

Our team understand that when customers are applying new business technology, it is an ongoing journey. Change management and ongoing support are just as important as the technology being introduced.

The key take for digital transformation is not to look at a one solution fix but work with a partner who can provide and combine all the latest technology harmoniously and continue to take you on the ever-evolving digital automotive journey.



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