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Yes, things aren’t ideal and that’s why we have been working hard to keep communications flowing with current and new customers.

There is clearly nothing better than face to face contact, recent developments have however forced the opportunity to consider other ways of how to keep business moving. Thinking positively, we may even come out of this period with better business models to offer that can reduce upfront costs for our customers.

Examples of this can be seen with one of our DMS customers who was going through a major implementation of our system as recent events unfolded. We have engaged our virtual on-line training platform which gives a mixture of Webex and online certified learning of all staff. Through this method, we are ensuring that customers don’t need to slow down or stop altogether, but rather they can actually use this perceived slower period as an opportunity to complete important training programs.

For our new customers, we are seeing that presentations and engagement by Webex is being more accepted as a method to further discussions. As we also start to present our virtual on-line training platform, we are ensuring that customers are still able to drive forward through this difficult time where the situation allows.

Kevin Davidson – Director Sensus Automotive

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Sensus is the industry leader in providing a complete portfolio of digital products and solutions for the automotive industry. 

We are the official provider in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa for our digital technology. Our Dealer Management System - Titan DMS is built by the leading developer and supplier of cloud-based software solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers worldwide.